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Trading Trend Line

The Expert Advisor trades using trendlines. You should draw a trendline on a chart. The name of the line should be in the following format: "Trendline" space digits. This is the default name used when a line is drawn on the chart, please do not change it.

The EA supports two types of trading using the trendlines: a breakout strategy and a roll back strategy. A trade signal is generated on the last but one bar (the completed one), if its open price is below/above the trendline and its close price is above/below the trendline. The EA uses a standard trailing stop function.

Settings description

  • Type_Strategy - choose a strategy: either breakout or roll back
  • MagicNumber - magic order number
  • StopLoss - the stop loss level in points
  • TakeProfit - the profit target level in points
  • Trall - enable/disable trailing of open positions
  • TStop - trailing stop in points
  • TrailingStep - trailing step in points
  • Lot - the volume of positions
  • Slippage - maximum allowed price slippage
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