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The LexusBO indicator is recommended for trading binary options.

Signals are generated when the RSI, ADX, CCI indicators cross the customizable levels. The indicator displays signals using "up/down" arrows on the chart. Their values are available in the buffer arrays (buffer with index 0 - "up" arrow, with index 1 - "down" arrow). This makes the indicator easy to use for automated trading through specialized Expert Advisors.

The recommended timeframe is M5.

The indicator has a built-in counter of profitable signals for estimating the win rate when running in the strategy tester (in the visualization mode). The counter can be set to the desired expiration for binary options.

The indicator has 16 adjustable parameters:

  • 6 parameters for "up" signals:
    • P_1 Period and P_2 Level - period and level of RSI.
    • P_3 Period and P_4 Level - period and level of ADX.
    • P_5 Period and P_6 Level - period and level of CCI.
  • 6 parameters for "down" signals:
    • P_7 Period and P_8 Level - period and level of RSI.
    • P_9 Period and P_10 Level - period and level of ADX.
    • P_11 Period and P_12 Level - period and level of CCI.
  • 4 parameters for the statistics counter and alerts:
    • Statistics - enable/disable the statistics counter.
    • Expiration (number of bars) - expiration (in the number of bars).
    • Distance to the candle (in points) - distance of the arrows from the bars (in points).
    • Enable alert and sound - enable/disable signal alerts.

The recommended ranges for changing the parameter values are shown in the table below.

Parameters value fromvalue to
For the "up" arrows

P_1 Period230
P_2 Level140
P_3 Period230
P_4 Level2050
P_5 Period230
P_6 Level-200-99
For the "down" arrows

P_7 Period230
P_8 Level6099
P_9 Period230
P_10 Level2050
P_11 Period230
P_12 Level 99 200

To increase the profitability of the LexusBO indicator signals, the parameters can be optimized using another product - the Optimizer_BO optimizer for binary options. A ready-made set file of the optimizer settings for this indicator can be found in the "Comments" tab.

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