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Optimizer BO

Optimizer BO is an expert for optimizing the settings of indicators that are used for binary options and have two buffers with "up/down" signals.

The optimization is performed via the built-in tester of the MetaTrader 4 terminal. Example of using Optimizer BO is shown in the screenshots below. You can also download the manuals for the correct setup. Links to the manuals can be found on the "Comments" tab.

By optimizing the indicator settings, you can achieve the maximum ratio of profitable trades for binary options. For this purpose, Optimizer BO applies the following tools:

  • Re-testing - considers the statistics of the obtained settings on the quotes history, which the optimizer had not seen when selecting the indicator settings.
  • Optimized value - the value to optimize.
    • balance - deposit balance.
    • winrate optimization - win rate for the optimization period.
    • winrate re-testing - win rate for the re-test period.
    • drawdown - drawdown.
  • Filter by hours of the day and by day of the month - filter by hours of the day and by day of the month.
  • Martingale - apply the strategy of bet doubling at a loss in calculation of the strategy results.
  • Max. drawdown - filtering of the results by the maximum balance drawdown.
  • Type of inspection of winrate by period - two types of period-wise check of the profitable signals.

The optimizer takes a little time to go though millions of variants of indicator setting and selects the ones, that will give the maximum profitability result on binary options.

For any questions on using Optimizer BO, please use the "Comments" tab.

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