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Gold Trust

Gold Trust is a trading robot based on bidirectional martingale system. Buy and sell positions are opened simultaneously allowing you to make profit regardless of a trend direction.

The Expert Advisor is set to trade GBPUSD H1. If you want to trade other pairs, please contact me.

Usage tips

  • Symbol: GBPUSD.
  • Period: H1.
  • ECN accounts with low spreads are recommended!
  • Deposit: 10 000 USD or 10 000 cents.
  • It works around the clock, VPS is recommended.


  • Suitable both for a rapid deposit boost and stable low-risk trading.
  • High profit factor and mathematical expectation.
  • Fast optimized code allows you to quickly test the EA in the tester.
  • Works on four- and five-digit quotes.
  • Simple configuration, small number of settings.
  • Easy to use, perfect for novice traders.


  • Lots - position volume in lots.
  • TakeProfit - take profit in pips.
  • Step - step between orders.
  • Multiplier_lot - lot multiplier in case of a loss.
  • MaxOrders - maximum number of opened orders.
  • BUY - if true, the EA opens buy positions, false - no buys.
  • SELL - if true, the EA opens sell positions, false - no sells.
  • Magic - position ID.

Your suggestions on improving the algorithm are welcome (write me a personal message to send one).

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