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Custom CCI Diver

This indicator is designed for binary options. Based on proprietary divergence of the CCI indicator.

A sell signal:

  • A down arrow appears on the chart.

A buy signal:

  • An up arrow appears on the chart.

Input parameters

  • History - the number of bars in history for calculation
  • Period CCI - period of the CCI technical indicator
  • Up border - overbought limit for calculation of the divergence
  • Down border - oversold limit for calculation of the divergence
  • Price - price for the indicator calculation
  • Alerts - alert
  • EmailAlerts - E-mail notification
  • NotificationAlert - notification to mobile device

Timeframe: any.

Currency pair: any.

Expiration: Depends on the timeframe, signal is generated before the end of the candle, where the signal was generated.

Example: timeframe - М5, example 5 minutes.

The indicator is non-redrawable and non-lagging.

Aravind 2017.03.08 05:08 

Indicator is very good. Not sure what is 'proprietary' part of this divergence indicator, but just like divergence it is a hit or miss. So my rating is only based on the quality of signals produced by this indicator as we need to filter the validity of signal using some other method.

Versão 2.30 2017.08.02
* Fixed minor bugs.
* Added notification to mobile device.