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Turning Points

The indicator shows the market reversals as arrows. The reversal signals are based on observation of the market behavior.

It is based on the principles of searching for extremums, volumes and Price Action.

The indicator provides signals on the following principles:

  • Search for the end of the ascending/descending trend
  • Search for the reversal pattern based on Price Action
  • Confirmation of the reversal by the contract volume. The indicator also features an alert triggered when the arrow appears. The indicator does not redraw.

The indicator also features an alert triggered when the arrow appears.

The indicator does not redraw.

This indicator was used in creation of an Expert Advisor. Its operation result are shown in the figure below.


  • First Period Of Moving Average - first moving average period
  • Second Period Of Moving Average - second moving average period
  • Show Indicator Info - show/hide symbol data
  • Info Corner - display corner (Don't show info, Left upper, Right upper, Left lower, Right lower)
  • Color Of Information - displayed data color
  • Font Type - font type
  • Font Size - font size
  • Use Alert - enable alerts
  • Use E-mail Notification - enable email alerts
zxqw1125 2017.05.21 05:43 

Contrarian operation, rubbish indicators, gymnastics!Do not be cheated by this rubbish indicators, these comments I think are false!fuck,All false comments!

riyan.aulia 2017.05.06 12:09 

WOW.... Surprise surprise.. NO.1 Indicator

Thank you Andrei

Update; This is best indicator so far.. even indicator show wrong direction, you still will get profit .

This is "Turning Point" and This is "Starting Point" YOU WILL 100% GET THE PROFIT.

I know this indicator not really perfect in "some way" BUT IF YOU KNOW HOW TO TRICK IT and BOOOM.. Big Smile On your face :)

Thank You Andrei. Is time to rise the Price! :)

andrey zotov
andrey zotov 2017.04.24 15:16 

Хороший индикатор!!!

Peter Maggen
Peter Maggen 2017.03.01 11:35 

The signals are extraordinary! Not repainting and very accurate. Great job from the author. Would be great to dispose of the EA. Can we get it somewhere? Good trading to you all!

Ivan Sousa
Ivan Sousa 2017.02.12 16:09 

5 Starts to indicator! 5 Stars to author

amfels07 2017.02.04 05:16 

Best Indictor in theMarket!! I believe i will enjoy having this one in my arsenal.......Thanks so much great work!

Aravind 2017.02.01 20:15 

One of the best reversal indicator.

naushadbacha 2017.02.01 14:59 

I have Bought this indicator From Andrei.Indicator is working perfectly now and this person is very supportive

Versão 3.0 2020.01.23
Fixed error "array out of range" on the M15 chart and other
Versão 2.5 2018.09.10
Исправлена ошибка выдачи звукового сигнала при появлении стерлки
Versão 2.0 2017.06.12
Introduced signal calculation parameters for two moving averages. Changed the block for displaying data for the current symbol. Simplified configuring the info block.