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TMA Simplemartin

TMA Simplemartin Expert Advisor is based on TMA channel indicator, as well as Stochastic and CCI standard indicators.

A market entry is performed according to indicators' aggregate signals using stop levels and trailing.

A deposit is a part of the trading system. This is a martingale. Both arithmetic and geometric progressions are available. Besides, the EA features the function of recovery from a loss (TMA compiled into resources).

System settings

  • averaging included – enable averaging.
  • averaging only on signal – average only by a signal.
  • closing by opposite signal – close in case of an opposite signal.
  • martingale mode – martingale type.
  • recovery mode – recovery mode.
  • martingale geometric progression – geometric progression step.
  • martingale arithmetic progression – arithmetic progression step.
  • martingale smart step close – calculate averaging order lot based on closing distance.
  • step averaging – step in points for averaging orders.
  • averaged no more than once per N minute – average no more than once per N minutes.
  • trailbars – trailing stop by a number of the last minute bar.
  • lotsize – initial lot.
  • max lot sum – the maximum amount of lots in a series.
  • max trades open – the maximum number of trades in the series.
  • stoploss in points – stop loss in points.
  • breakeven+step in points – breakeven + step in points.
  • trailstep – trailing stop step.
  • close after № averaging – close to breakeven after a specified averaging order.
  • slippage – price slippage.
  • OrderMagicNumber – magic number.
  • autolot – lot auto increase when increasing a deposit.
  • perсent Risk for autolot - risk percentage for autolot.
  • hour start work - operation start hour.
  • hour end work - operation end hour.

Indicator settings

  • timeframe stochastic – Stochastic timeframe.
  • timeframe CCI – CCI timeframe.
  • timeframe TMA – TMA timeframe.
  • period stochastic – Stochastic period.
  • slowing stochastic – Stochastic slowing.
  • signal stochastic – signal Stochastic.
  • stochastic lvl up – Stochastic upper level.
  • stochastic lvl down – Stochastic lower level.
  • period CCI – CCI period.
  • CCI lvl up – CCI upper level.
  • CCI lvl down – CCI lower level.
  • period tma – tma period.
  • atr multiplier channel – channel width multiplier.
  • atr period – atr period.
Yajaira Thibisay Martinez Jaimes
Yajaira Thibisay Martinez Jaimes 2020.02.13 22:23 

Looks pretty promising. I am still testing it. Congrats

15/04 It would be great adding some kind of correlation criteria.

Versão 2.5 2020.03.10
fix margin calc
Versão 2.4 2020.02.24
fix math round func for lotsize
Versão 2.3 2019.02.06
fix little error
Versão 2.2 2018.03.23
Added selection of operation time in hours
Versão 2.1 2016.12.19
Optimized the code according to the new MQL Market conditions
Versão 2.0 2016.08.08
Improved and optimized the code
Versão 1.5 2016.06.15
Improved the entry conditions
Versão 1.4 2016.05.24
Optimized the code, increased the testing speed,
added the function of closing by the opposite signal,
added the function of waiting for the opposite signal,
added separate timeframe settings for each indicator
Versão 1.3 2016.05.11
Improved the averaging module - at a multiplier step = 0, the grid is plotted without a step increase
Versão 1.2 2016.04.29
Added visualization of the EA operation
Versão 1.1 2016.04.20
Improved the closure function, added protection against requotes