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Gegatrade Pro

Gegatrade Pro EA is a Cost Averaging System with a Sophisticated Algorithm.

It is secured by a built-in “News WatchDog” system that suspends trading during news events.

Trading Strategy

Gegatrade Pro EA is based on the fact that most of the time the price usually moves between the upper and lower boundaries of the trading channel.

Basing on this fact, Gegatrade Pro places its first trade, assuming that the price is going to return to its average value and take the profit which is defined.

If the price leaves the trading channel and continues further in this direction, then Gegatrade Pro starts its “cost-averaging strategy” which will add new trades from the same direction based on its Mathematical Algorithm and increase the overall position.

When a pull-back of the price occurs, Gegatrade Pro closes the whole basket of orders.

It is advised to use Low spread ECN brokers with a starting balance of 3000.


  • UseTrailingStop — Enable or Disable the use of trailing
  • TrailingStart — the points at which trailing will start
  • TrailingStep — steps to trail in points
  • TrailingRoom — the points allowed before closing the trailing
  • Use Support Resistance Long — Use Support and Resistance Levels for Long direction
  • SR Support Resistance Long Period — The TimeFrame used for Support/Resistance Long direction
  • Min SR Distance Long — Minimum distance (in pips) between Support/Resistance Levels for Long direction
  • Start SR Long at Level — The level at which Support and resistance leveling starts for Long direction
  • Use Support Resistance Short — Use Support and Resistance Levels for Short direction
  • SR Support Resistance Long Period — The TimeFrame used for Support/Resistance Short direction
  • Min SR Distance Short — Minimum distance (in pips) between Support/Resistance Levels for Short direction
  • Start SR Short at Level — The level at which Support and resistance leveling starts for Short direction
  • EAWorkMode — switch between BacktestMode or LiveMode
  • DrawingOn — Show Past news on chart
  • ShowDashboard — Show Statistics on chart
  • ShowBalance — Show Balance on chart
  • GMTOffSetOfBroker — The GMT Offset between your broker and GMT time
  • Trade comment — a comment for trades
  • MagicNumber — Trades ID
  • MoneyManagement — FixedLot/UseMM. Use fixed lot to trade or Money management
  • Start Balance — The balance to use when MoneyManagement is chosen
  • LotSize — Lot Size
  • Risk — Percent of the "start balance" to use for trading
  • TradingDirection — The direction you wish to trade
  • MaxSpread — Maximum spread to allow trades (recommended 10 points or bellow)
  • PauseLong — Pause long trades
  • PauseShort — Pause short trades
  • MartingalePauseLong — Pause the Martingale for long direction
  • MartingalePauseShort — Pause the Martingale for Short direction
  • TakeProfitLong — Take profit for Long trades
  • TakeProfitShort — Take profit for Short trades
  • Use_SL — True/False
  • Stop Loss Long Percent Balance — Stop loss for long direction
  • Stop Loss Short Percent Balance — Stop loss for Short direction
  • Short Minimum Distance level 1 till 10 — The minimum distance in pips between levels
  • Long Minimum Distance level 1 till 10 — The minimum distance in pips between levels
  • List of symbols for news filter — Currency Symbols to choose for filtering the news Example: USD,EUR,GBP,CHF
  • Show lines for news in the past — Show old news on chart
  • Pause Long or Short before an importance News — Each of the 12 pause inputs will pause number of minutes before or after a News Event
  • PauseAfterLevel — Pause trading after a certain level
  • PauseLongAtLevel — level to pause at for Long Trades
  • PauseShortAtLevel — level to pause at for Short Trades
  • DrawdownInCash — amount that you wish to receive Push Notification when it is reached
  • SendPushNotificationOnDD — send Push Notification about your DrawDown
  • SendPopupAlertOnDD — Alert from your MetaTrader 4 about your drawdown
  • StartTradingInMondayTime — Time to start trading on Mondays
  • EndTradingInFridayTime — Time to stop trading on Fridays
  • PauseBasketOnNews — This will pause adding more trades when News event is active
  • MinBarDistanceLong — minimum bars to allow a long level
  • MinBarDistanceShort — minimum bars to allow a short level
  • UseCounterTrades — Use Hedge yes/no

Counter trades (Hedge) lot size calculates as percentage of main lot size. 
Example: if initial lot is 0.10 and CTinitial lot is 0.3, then CTinitial lot will open 0.03 lot.

  • CTInitialTradeLotSize = 0
  • CTLotSize_1 = CTLotsize corresponds to percentage of each main level, there is 10 Levels to set you can define each CTLotsize with a percentage of the main Level.
    Example: Main level 5 = 0.10 lot, CtLotSize_5 = 0.5, then the lot size for countertrade level 5 will be 50% from the main level 5, which is 0.05 Lot Size
  • StartCounterTradesFromLevel — the level at which CT will start
  • CounterMagicNumber — a unique number for CT trades
  • HedgedAveragePricePips — the average pip in profit at which CT + main basket close
  • UseMAfilterLong — moving average filter for long direction enable/disable
  • MAperiodLong — moving average period for long direction
  • MAlevelLong — moving average level to allow Long direction (in points)
  • MaLongTriggerDirection — above or below the MA to trigger a long trade
  • MaLongTimeFrame — Timeframe used for MA filter
  • UseMAfilterShort — moving average filter for short direction enable/disable
  • MAperiodShort — moving average period for short direction
  • MAlevelShort — moving average level to allow short direction (in points)
  • MaShortTriggerDirection — above or below the MA to trigger a short trade
  • MaShortTimeFrame — Timeframe used for MA filter

In order for the "News WatchDog" Feature to function, you should check box Allow WebRequest and add “http://news1.gegatrade.com” into your WebRequest URL list.

Comentários 101
Martin Metzler
Martin Metzler 2018.12.12 20:55 

Great EA with steady profit and live signals from the developer!

Very good support from David!

Thumbs up and many thanks!

iguana007 2018.08.05 21:40 

Really good EA !!! 5 Stars for David and Very good support

Pablo Ivan Parra Pedraza
Pablo Ivan Parra Pedraza 2018.06.27 17:58 

Excelente Ea y soporte por parte de David ,me gusta mucho todos los perfiles que uno puede usar.

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Treasure Detector EA is secure, fully automated medium-term,long-term and gold pair trading robot. The EA does not use hedging, martingale or grid strategies. Treasure Detector EA works on a daily price movement. Risk control is high. Treasure Detector EA works with GOLD pair. User intervention is not required. First of all, I do not have any guarantee of being profitable all the months. This EA is successful in the long run. This EA is ideal for the patient traders. Features and Recommendatio
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The Infinity Expert Advisor is a scalper. When the resistance and support levels are broken, trades are opened in the direction of the price movement. Open positions are managed by several algorithms based on the current market situation (fixed stop loss and take profit, trailing stop, holding positions in case of trend indication, etc.). Requirements for the broker The EA is sensitive to spread, slippages and execution quality. It is strongly recommended not to use the EA for currencies with
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Wim Schrynemakers
Gecko runs a simple, yet very effective, proven strategy.  It looks for important recent high and lows and will trade the breakouts.  The actual execution of this strategy however, is what makes this EA truly shine.  Entry calculations and exit algorithms are not only unique but also very advanced. LIVE RESULTS:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/750475 The EA uses many trade management techniques, including but not limited to: a Trailing SL, using multipe parameters to control its function
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Creature  - is an automated trading system - trend scalper. EA work strategy: The trades are made at rollback from main trend. Indicator Bollinger Bands is responsible for trend and channel determination. The EA opens orders at channel breakdown for definite value of points. False enters are filtered by breakdown minimal price bounce limiter resulting in loss trades cut.Orders can be closed at take-profit, trailing-stop, stop-loss and at defined time elapse. Time limit of the EA work is availabl
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ECN Scalping
Nguyen Dang Giang
ECN Scalping is a trading adviser using an algorithm based on the ability to adapt to the current market situation. All orders are opened with a strictly fixed Stop Loss. How it works? Buy our advisor. Download to your terminal. Set on the chart of any currency pair (for example EURUSD). Turn on the Autotrade button and "Allow live trading". Do not change the settings, Advisor is automatic! P‌lease notice that the performance of the EA depends heavily on your choice of Broker and VPS. Key Opti
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7000 Trades in 2 years live record  Here is the Method to use StoneBreaker Lite -- >  https://www.mql5.com/en/users/joanneyip2018/seller#products 【Please do not trust any Backtest result from our EA 】If you want to upgrade to original , Please contact me for a special price . Every second is money , stonebreaker would never waste the momentum from the market . Make 100% as soon as possible and never be stressed . EA StoneBreaker is an Expert Advisor with a great diversification of operat
899 USD
Power Grid Bot
Stefan Kueffner
AUDCAD M15, EURUSD  M15 e GBPUSD M15. Este robô de negociação profissional negocia usando as melhores estratégias comprovadas. Além de excelentes entradas, utiliza um sistema de grade dinâmica que se adapta à volatilidade e gerencia posições. Foi desenvolvido e testado usando dados estatísticos dentro da amostra de vários corretores Forex para verificação. A amostra de dados era grande o suficiente para incluir todos os tipos de sentimentos do mercado. A Estratégia foi então testada com dados f
399 USD
Scalping Analyzer 4
Oleksii Ferbei
Scalping Analyzer 4 is designed for trading major currency pairs, has crash protection - when the connection is restored, the EA will continue to work with its orders. Forex trading strategy Scalping Analyzer 4, carried out on short periods of time and with very small profit / loss targets. The trader concludes a deal from several seconds to several minutes and at the same time tries to take a small profit / loss from several points to tens of points. A completely standalone automated Expert
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Vizzion is a fully automated scalping Expert Advisor that can be run successfully using GBPJPY currency pair at H1 timeframe. Very Important This Expert Advisor can not run with any EAs in the same account. As part of the money management plan, it calculates and monitors the Margin Level % and assumes that all open trades are created by it. If you want an Expert Advisor that trades in a daily basis, this EA is not for you because using this requires a patience to wait for a few days or weeks o
99 USD
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Hello my friends #Contact me befor purchase the EA 📞TELEGRAM:  https://t.me/ENZODOLLAR      OUR COMMUNITY CHANNEL:  https://t.me/PegasusPro6DollarEA6ENZOCO6 REAL, accont information of Dollar EA :  ⤵️⤵️ REAL  ACCOUNT  (( Last month result up to 100% Profit))                                  Dollar EA works on our REAL accounts,You can find our signals   and login details in any time at mql5 site  ⤵️⤵️                 Login account Details:                 account: 600513            
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IMPORTANT INFORMATION! MANDATORY READING! If you bought a robot, installed it on your broker first on a demo account and it did not bring the desired result, be sure to write to us telegram @KozakBoss We will find the correct settings for your broker ourselves and pass them on to you! TURBO SCALPER M1 is a fully automatic trading robot for the GBPUSD currency pair. The robot works on the M1 timeframe. This is the smallest and most dynamic timeframe on the Metatrader4 platform. The algorithm of
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ONLY 8 COPIES OUT OF 10 LEFT AT $1399! After that, the price will be raised to  $1749 My telegram channel:   https://t.me/new_signals My telegram contact:  https://t.me/paveludo My WeChat ID: PavelUdo North East Way EA  it is a fully automated “rollback” trading system, which is especially effective in trading on popular “rollback” currency pairs: AUDCAD, AUDNZD, NZDCAD. The system uses the main patterns of the Forex market in trading - the return of the price after a sharp movement in any di
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This robot enters the market at the opening of London Stock Exchange (LSE). It is based on short-term reversal patterns which use the tendency of FX prices to move toward their average value during the LSE session . The EA does not use indicators, grid, martingale, arbitrage. The trading system is suitable for both experienced traders and beginners. The EA includes protection against high spreads, and allows you to trade with a fixed or automatic lot size. Monitoring - most popular signal at MQL
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My only channel :  https://t.me/InrexEA FTMO challenge is available , Please contact me by best setting for it . My another Best Product recommended with Live Result :  🔥   FiveElemenets   ⭐   StoneBreaker Lite Final Version monitor :   Here    Before you buy all of my product please be aware of the risks involved: 1) Please do not over believe in backtesting result . No one can 100% predict the future . 2) I do not use any .set file , Because I believe that the best strategy should
3 288 USD
Magic Seven MT4
Ozkan Kara
Price: $995        This price is only for first 5 buyers ! Next Price: $1295   Magic Seven  is a fully automated  EURUSD Daily Trend System. Before London Trading Season, EURUSD movements are small and predictable. The system focuses only   Small and Steady Profits . The EA does not use grid, martingale, averaging  or other dangerous strategies.   It uses fixed stoploss for every position. I will always help you, please contact me ! General Strategy Definition Correct Open Time:    It opens
995 USD
Raptor Majors
Remy Aime Rene Louat
Backtest matters, results count  🦖 Raptor is a smart expert mastering pairs : EURUSD,GBPUSD,USDJPY,USDCAD,NZDUSD,AUDUSD,USDCHF It was created to enter   only the best trade   of all currencies, when the direction is very predictable  📈 ▶ Join Telegram channel :   https://t.me/s/Raptor_EA   to ensure we have same trades. Don't trust backtests around ⛔ Buy only if low risk live signal 💚   https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/905417 MT5 version :   https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/57108
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Negociação automática e manual Um sistema comercial pronto baseado nas  ondas de Elliott e níveis de Fibonacci . Simples e de fácil acesso Exibição de marcação das ondas de Elliott (opção geral ou alternativa) em um gráfico Construção dos níveis horizontais, linhas de apoio e resistência, canal Sobreposição dos níveis de Fibonacci para as ondas 1, 3, 5, A Sistema de alerta (no ecrã, E-Mail, Push notificações) painel visual para abertura de ordens para negociação manual painel visual para configu
1 250 USD
GoldenBot is a diversified portfolio of various systems trading gold. Most gold trading systems you encounter are either pure trend ones or counter-trend ones. So they are only good at certain market phases. GoldenBot includes a number of trend and counter-trend systems making it to perform good during any market phase. System effectiveness is proven by live results (see below at Telegram channel). Monitoring :  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/827470 Telegram channel:   https://t.me/accurateEAs
599 USD
Tatyana Kulyapina
PRADO é um consultor especialista em segurança. A estratégia de negociação está em conformidade com as regras FIFO . O depósito mínimo é de 100 dólares. Negociação intradiária de níveis por tendência. Monitoramento: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/667212 Para testes: período H1 , todos os ticks. Ferramenta USDJPY , os arquivos de configuração podem ser baixados nos comentários, página 4, publicação # 75 A descrição das configurações pode ser encontrada nos comentários, página 6, publicação #109
720 USD
MBfx Neural Adaptive MT4 EA
Max Brown
MBfx Neural Adaptive is a fully automated EA that uses price formations, patterns and psychological levels to open and close trades. By default this strategy does not use grid, martingale or other dangerous money management methods. There is an option to use safe martingale and safe averaging both of which are protected by a stop-loss. The EA contains optional intelligent technical exits to automatically close trades if the price shows weakness.  For back tests and set-files go to: https://t.me/
999 USD
Vitalii Zakharuk
An expert of a new type Antlia was created - it works using sharp tick movements. The uniqueness of the expert is that it can be launched on any hour period, any currency pair, and on the server of any broker. What makes the expert attractive enough to use for trading. It is recommended to work on liquid forex pairs with a low spread. The lower the commission and the spread, the greater the profit. You can start using it with $ 100 and a lot of 0.01. A small initial deposit also contributes to
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SFE Gold Fever
Joel Juanpere
The system place the trades based on the trend. Is adequate for symbols which usually moves in strong trends, or any symbol which has enter in a trend period. For this reason, works very well with XAUUSD (GOLD/USD), because this symbol tend to move in strong mid/long term trends (like Bitcoin) and as is an uptrend in the long term, use the system only in the long side, can boost the performance. The objective of the system is over perform the performance of a symbol in trend, in the long ter
1 200 USD
Bober Lannister
Arnold Bobrinskiy
Bober Lannister MT4  - is fully automated cross platform trading robot. Only one trade at a time. No "Recovery algorithm (martingale)" or other dangerous strategies involved. Next order lot size always the same according to Risk settings regardless of achieved result by previous one. Virtual TP and SL  keeps the same distance. Live settings optimized by using real ticks data. Much attention has been paid to forward test results to avoid overfitting. MT5   version of   Bober Lannister   here 
900 USD
Rocket Man
Evgenii Golovanets
Price: $699 9 of 10 copies left at this price Next price $799 Recommended broker Rocket Man  is a fully automated expert adviser, which implements convenient features to perform multicurrency trading with the ability to widely diversify trading risks. This Forex robot uses just one deal for trading and always use stop loss and take profit to protect capital! Expert never uses dangerous methods of money management, such as martingale, hedging or arbitrage. Rocket Man complies with FIFO rules.  T
699 USD
GerFX Forex Cyborg
Exler Consulting GmbH
Forex Cyborg is a established expert advisor since 2017 on the market. There is a huge number of customers that trust in Forex Cyborg already and now it's newly available here on the MQL Store. Before you buy a night scalper please be aware of the risks involved: 1) Past performance is no guarantee of future profitability.  2) The backtests shown (e.g. in screenshots) are highly optimized to find the best parameters but therefore do not give a realistic prediction of future profitability. 3) An
650 USD
Scalp Trader
Stefan Petkov
The Scalp Trader is trading with our own REAL MONEY. We are not relying on back-testing! We are confident in our knowledge and experience in the Forex Market!  Live signal monitoring :  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/804846 Please note that the Backtest has been performed on MT5 terminal due to its ability to test different time frames and different currency pairs on the same time, however if you want to Backtest the MT4 version you can activate the single pair mode. Scalp Trader is a unique tr
1 699 USD
Nobuyoshi Murase
KonokaSystem.NEO é uma das três irmãs (NEO / JOY / FUN) que herda o DNA do Konoka System e tem uma nova personalidade, e é o EA original. O estilo de negociação é um dia de negociação para o Japão das 00:00 às 13:00. Nenhuma lógica de grade ou martingale é usada. O par de moedas é USDJPY e você entra com o preço de abertura do M5. Lucro e perda são repetidos pela lógica interna, engolindo perdas e crescendo. De maneira alguma nos concentramos nas taxas vencedoras. TP e SL são 100Pip
600 USD
Quang Nguyen Dien
ZeryEA is a fully automated Expert Advisor based on scalping when indicated the market makes a fast movement. EA can work with any pairs, but It is recommended for GBP/USD, EUR/USD, EUR/JPY with M1. Expert Advantages NO: Grid, martingale, hedge & arbitrage. YES: Stop loss is always for every orders. LOW: Average position holding time. MIN: Drawdown, initial deposit. Parameters Auto lot enable (true/false): Auto lots calculate on margin account. Risk percent: when enable auto lot. Fix Lot Min
30 000 USD
MT4 Binary Option EA
Nianfu Li
Function This EA is a signal alarm and automatic trading system on MT4 for binary option. The requirements for the platform: Signal alarm is applicable to all MT4 platforms. (Operation (manual) signals for the MT4 or Web binary option trading.) Automatic trading only applies to the MT4 platform that supports automatic trading the binary options. On such MT4 platform, using automatic trading does not require any BO plug-ins; the binary option can be traded directly as the Forex symbol. Use A. T
588 USD
Stenvall Invest
Gennady Sergienko
ATTENTION!   In 18 months, the EA made 300 trades, also the EA has a New Year filter in the period from December 25 to January 5.   Do not purchase this EA if it does not suit you!     default settings:       EURUSD M5 email:                    info@gogopips.com telegram for pm:    @leontolstoy Are you a trader ? Join our community in telegram  GoGoPips 🚀   This is a fully automatic trading robot that does not require the intervention of a trader is divided into control bloc
2 030 USD
White Shark
Elie Almachaalany
White Shark is a fully automatic Expert Advisor. It can actually outsmart a market by placing BUY and SELL orders when the requirements are met. It uses an advanced technology to place orders in the right time with the right lot. This robot is designed for beginners yet expert traders: Most of the inner parameters are hidden from user so that even a beginner will not mess up. You can download this Ea and back-test. I personally used a 99.9% real tick data for back-testing for an accurate result.
799 USD
Best Time
Aleksandr Nadein
Советник выставляет ордера по времени,для его существует 2 настройки (М,М2).При убыточных сделках срабатывает локирование ордеров,что помогает существенно сократить просадку.Советник адаптирован для работы с малыми депозитами(от 1$ ,если это позволено брокером).Он так же будет интересен ,тем трейдерам которые зарабатывают не только на сделках,но и за счет ребейтов,так как совершает большое количество сделок(в среднем  около 50 в день.  Slippage   = 3;           //  Slippage  Lot        = 0.1;   
2 800 USD
Bitcoin guru
Paschal Uchenna Ugwu
O robô emitido (BTCG) é o resultado de vários anos de prática de pesquisa comercial em milhares de empresas iniciantes, vários indicadores de previsão, visando criar a beleza da perfeição da negociação on-line. Ao combinar várias estratégias e algoritmos desse robô para alterar cada preço de tick , com a máxima precisão e velocidade da luz. o que você precisar como trader, o robô fornece em uma fração de segundos A vantagem importante deste EA é que você pode começar a negociar com um dep
30 000 USD
Vladimir Khlystov
The EA compares two instruments and opens opposite positions when these instruments diverge. Further, when the instruments converge, the EA closes positions on the total profit. The EA works on any instruments. Select couples can be on the table. Advisor enough to put on one pair of bundles. For example, for trading on GBPUSD — EURUSD, it is enough to put the EA on GBPUSD or EURUSD. On the chart, the EA draws both currencies and the bars indicate the distance between them. The parameters of th
800 USD
Mais do autor
David Zouein
Theorem EA Analyzes the market and auto determines the entry levels based on the finding of price fluctuations in quiet periods. The direction of the trade is determined by the EA's clever adaptive system. The most powerful part of the EA is the Smart Auto-Close function that has been developed after many years of market experience, it tracks TP/SL breakouts of the open trades and auto-closes them according to market conditions, this means that the TP/SL levels are dynamic and not static. Above
500 USD
David Zouein
A cost-averaging strategy Trading strategy Gegatrade EA is based on the fact that most of the time the price usually moves between the upper and lower boundaries of the trading channel. Basing on this fact, Gegatrade EA places its first trade randomly when it starts, assuming that the price is going to return to its average value and take the profit which is defined. If the price leaves the trading channel and continues further in this direction, then Gegatrade starts its “cost-averaging strat
125 USD
David Zouein
Gegatrade Pro Asian EA is a Cost Averaging System with a Sophisticated Algorithm. The EA trades only during the Asian Time 21:00 till 06:00 GMT It is secured by a built-in “ News Suspend Trading ” system that suspends trading during news events. Trading Strategy Gegatrade Pro Asia is based on the fact that most of the time the price usually moves between the upper and lower boundaries of the trading channel. Basing on this fact, The EA places its first trade during Asian Time, assuming that th
250 USD
Gegatrade Profile
David Zouein
For full details go to https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/677166 The EA uses RSI Indicator and Gegatrade Filters to initiate a trade. Gegatrade Filters consist of 4 different filters Cost Averaging Algorithm. The filters search for curtain Bar Patterns and allows the trade. The EA is secured by a built-in News WatchDog system that suspends trading during news events. Gegatrade Profile has 6 Built-in preset Profiles EURUSD GBPUSD EURGBP USDJPY AUDUSD USDCHF. Parameters Use Profile: Yes/No Curre
500 USD
Breaking News
David Zouein
Breaking News Expert Advisor is a state-of-the-art news trading system. The EA analyzes the market during the most critical news announcement periods and determines the entry levels based on the finding of price fluctuations during that periods. The direction of the trade is determined by the EA's clever adaptive system. The unique clever way the EA auto-manages your trades cuts drawdowns to the minimum enabling you to start with a low balance like $50. The EA has a minimum set of inputs for sim
500 USD
David Zouein
Gegatrend EA is a cost averaging system with a sophisticated algorithm. It is secured by a built-in “ News WatchDog ” that suspends trading during news events. For full description: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/711269 Watch how it works: https://youtu.be/j17AR3uq6yI Parameters SR timeframe long — timeframe for support/resistance leveling long direction. SR distance long — minimum distance in pips between long trades. SR level long — the number of trades to start using SR levels for long
500 USD
Gegatrade Advanced
David Zouein
  Gegatrade Advanced EA is a state of the art Cost Averaging system It is secured by a built-in “ News WatchDog ” that suspends trading during news events the EA has lot of preset configuration files that can be downloaded from its Blog For full description visit the Blog :  https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/720582 Trading Strategy The EA uses different strategy to each pre-set file which can all be downloaded from the Blog Gegatrade Advanced is open for the user to define his own
400 USD
Gegatrade Pro MT5
David Zouein
Gegatrade Pro EA is a Cost Averaging System with a Sophisticated Algorithm. It is secured by a built-in “ News WatchDog ” system that suspends trading during news events. For full description: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/677491 Parameters EnableRsi1 — Enable RSI filter Buy RSI_period1 — RSI period Buy OversoldLevel — RSI level Buy EnableRsi2 — Enable RSI filter Sell RSI_period2 — RSI period Sell OversoldLevel — RSI level Sell EAWorkMode — switch between BacktestMode or LiveMode DrawingO
500 USD
Oliver Huebener
Oliver Huebener 2016.04.06 00:31 

Mr David Zouein and his EA´s are WORLDCLASS ! He explains everything very friendly and with infinetly patience.

It is the best support I ever had and GEGATRADE PRO is the best EA I ever bought.

With this EA´s you are independent from SIGNALS and you can trade on your own risk.

Thank you very much for it Mr Zouein.

seiton 2016.04.09 22:10 

I am very excited

Linas Urbonavicius
Linas Urbonavicius 2016.04.11 22:22 

Developer is very helpful in any matter. I am very satisfied.

Jianhui Wang
Jianhui Wang 2016.04.21 04:00 

Good EA!

Thank you very much for it, Mr Zouein.

Simone Stucchi
Simone Stucchi 2016.05.08 19:23 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

AP51 2016.05.09 14:20 

Purchased a week ago.

Daily average of about $100 profit.

I am pleased with this EA.

I asked him a crop of questions.

His answer was kind and precise.

Thank you David.

Charalambos Karakalpakis
Charalambos Karakalpakis 2016.05.15 19:31 

David is a superstar. Always answers my questions in very short delays. The EA is running great after almost 2 weeks. Although it WAS NOT recommended by David, i started with only 300$ USD anyways and I am now at 420$ (Real Account). It is a very good profit in my opinion, and it is with minimal risk (minimal risk within the scope of FOREX trading... Things can always go bad!). The news function is nothing short of impressive and i think that is why i managed to pull through so far with this balance. I will post my progress as soon as the month ends. Thank you very much David

Vincent Goh
Vincent Goh 2016.05.18 17:40 

Im trading on live account in minimum lot. So far it's doing very well.

The news suspending function is great. The order & lot calculation algorithm is great.

The support from developer is superb.

Keep up the good work David

Vratislav Tukal
Vratislav Tukal 2016.05.23 09:26 

I am trading on live account, fixed minimum lot and it work well... Deposit 500 $ and in 4 days Growth 10%... I think, it is very goood EA ... 5 STARS...

AsianPound 2016.06.01 16:50 


1st buyed EA that realy Works !!!

Let me report about my Results from 17.05.2016 to 01.06.2016:

It's a real Account...

i'm trading the EA on 2 Pairs (EUR/USD and GBP/USD) here the results (Safe settings with only Short trades "thanks david for the set files...."):

EUR/USD : +112,75 EUR

GBP/USD : +165,94 EUR

DD was around 20%


Der erste EA den ich gekauft habe der auch wirklich seine Arbeit tut...

Lasst mich über meine erfahrung vom 17.05.2016 bis 01.06.2016 berichten:

Der EA lief auf einem Real Konto...

Der EA lief auf 2 Pärchen (EUR/USD und GBP/USD) Hier die ergebnisse (Sichere einstellungen nur Shorts "danke an david für die set dateien...."):

EUR/USD : +112,75 EUR

GBP/USD : +165,94 EUR

DD war bei ca. 20%

Tran Ngoc Nam
Tran Ngoc Nam 2016.06.07 17:35 

I give 5 stars for this EA. Not only good EA, but also good support from David

@ David: thanks for your setting u gave me

leonardomaxcs 2016.06.14 23:19 

Nothing else to say, just that this expert really works, just be carefull with the settings before using, I use it with EURUSD on time frame of 4 hours and minimum fixed lot on a 500 USD account, also I take the care to pause the non-trend direction, so mostly of the times I work only on the trend direction, it is not safe to be afk working on 2 directions with a small amount of money, this EA needs at least 3k USD deposit to be left alone by itself.

One month later the return is already 50% with DD less than 15%, so I am very satisfied. I was worried at the beggining due to the pure averaging/martingale system, but the news monitoring feature worked flawless and you can work on higher time frames in order to avoid the bot throwing a lot of orders in short time spam then your account will be fine. It simply works as it says.

5 stars!

Leonardo Max.

[Excluído] 2016.06.17 11:19 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

Yuan Liu
Yuan Liu 2016.06.23 07:25 

This EA is very excellent.

I used a lot of EA, this is my recommond best one.

Zhiyu Tan
Zhiyu Tan 2016.06.24 06:01 

I use this EA about a month, it's very excellent.

Not only to trade EURUSD, I also try it in USDJPY and got good result.

[Excluído] 2016.06.28 05:05 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

David Belhumeur
David Belhumeur 2016.07.03 16:49 

Hi everyone

Just wanted to add my comments that David Zouein gave me great support made himself available to help set the EA. He give's a really good support. So far the demo gave great results. Keep up the good work for the trading community.

Emon 2016.07.04 15:36 

I rent Gegatrade pro for almost 3 weeks and works very good.

I gained nearly double of rental fee although I stopped trading Brexit week.

News watch dog system for safe trading is very sophisticated as everyone said.

Now I'm confident in this EA so I decided to buy. 5 stars for good EA and good support.

chattawat 2016.07.04 17:03 

If you ask about support, David is excellent. Although it is 4:00 AM of his time, he still wait for support me. After he adjust the config, I always got profit from this EA.

This is WORLD CLASS EA. I give you 10 stars.

Shuqi Yang
Shuqi Yang 2016.07.05 05:50 

David is one of the rare developer whom really want to help his clients to earn with his EA. He always answers my doubts promptly and always advice me the best. Because of this, people have faith in his product because he will always look on improvising them. He is also very nice to share the settings and how each of them work! Thanks alot!

Will review again after 6 months.

Evolve 2016.07.07 06:05 

Basically this EA risk the whole deposit with the aim of highest & consistent possible gain using Martin. With the excellent news filter it manage to avoid most volatility cause by the news. However, it has a weakness when there is small opposite movement before high impact news sometimes take hours or days to form which will cause it goes into DD. Backtest will show there is a few times when the price move beyond the default number of averaging position which is risky.

If it can incorporate a hedging capability and able to set off the gain with the DD positions either in full or partially this EA will be perfect.

Tim Rijnbeek
Tim Rijnbeek 2016.07.07 11:33 

Due to my own doing i had set the wrong data , but david helped me out very well , ill be rating the resulst in a later post , thank you David a very nice customer-service

fiona029 2016.07.07 23:19 

Great ea, and great support from David.Nothing is perfect but if you maintain conservative settings and have some sort of exit strategy to get out of a strong trend, you will make money with this ea.

Umut Savas Zeren
Umut Savas Zeren 2016.07.12 17:07 

I use this EA for 25.000 Dolar Balance With 0.03 Lot Begin AND MAX 6 Step each side... Not using News Filtre. When it goes more then 6 step, i change.. magic number and continues trade... then when came first 6 step trade.. i closed manuel... so more then 150$ - 200$ (Monthly %30) a day for EUR USD... %80 EA %20 Manuel Trade... This ea controls traders, follow ea's system and do not maked mistake...

Kefan Ren
Kefan Ren 2016.07.13 10:02 


Although I only used for a short two hours, but the software has made 10 transactions, and the EA concept is really cool. I give 5 stars

Hossam Ahmed
Hossam Ahmed 2016.07.20 14:23 

Excellent expert but its alittle bit risky till you find update for the slow trend ... Five stars for the second month

Manuel Guedes
Manuel Guedes 2016.07.21 01:42 

Very good EA. If you adjust the settings, it is very lucrative. David support is very good. 5 stars.

Stefano Toti
Stefano Toti 2016.07.21 18:28 

Gegatrader pro is very good EA and Mr Zouein is helpful and answer very fast.

I have Tried many EA and this is the greatest.

In a month, with 3000 euro in aggresive set make more than 500 euro without any loss. Thank you so Much mr. David Zouein

Indy1000 2016.07.22 03:37 

When you buy this EA you get excellent support and a step further than your regular averaging down strategy. it is reliable and highly profitable whilst protecting your deposit with a unique news filter with many safety options to satisfy everyone.

Great job, definitely five stars

Leigh Henderson
Leigh Henderson 2016.07.22 03:55 

Brilliant EA!!

Yulius Maria Wijaya Jacoub
Yulius Maria Wijaya Jacoub 2016.07.22 12:08 

Thank you David for your EA and your great support

Ke Zhang
Ke Zhang 2016.07.27 16:42 

Very good procedures, to avoid the news. Stable profitability. Thank you very much for david.

johnbln 2016.08.01 08:02 

Thanks for you quick and very professional support!!

dragon33 2016.08.03 13:01 

5 stars for David!!! You ask he helps, another question he will answer it. Issues with the ea he will connect with teamviewer! The world would be better if everybody was as nice as David. Good job David

Rishikanta Laishram
Rishikanta Laishram 2016.08.05 12:06 

I have used this expert advisor for the last Three Months. At the beginning I was very much confused about the setting but it always make profit in little.

after the Second time rental on 4th June 2016 I used Fixlot with $ 2969 with the lot size of 0.5 in short direction on GBPUSD AND EURUSD chart it give me $7215 on 24th june 2016. Still it gives profit daily.

So I would like to thank David for giving such a very wonderful robot. And I would like to give 5 star...

Damyan Milkov
Damyan Milkov 2016.08.08 14:36 

Great EA , and perfect customer service by Mr. Zouein.

This EA has return my investment for 45 days . It works good 24 hours ,and make money even when you sleep . With the news suspending function the risk is reduced to minimum . All questions that i have was resolved very fast from Mr.Zouein .

I reccomend Gegatrade Pro 100 % !

Folasade Aluko
Folasade Aluko 2016.08.10 21:37 

My first review after trying a couple. A very intelligent product from David. The news suspend system is awesome. Only trade safe as he would always advice. It's a 5 star for me.

Update- 10.08.2016: Refer to fiona029's comment below and be guided. We are not unaware of the risks involved in trading martingale...except of course you're a newbie. This piece however wins consistently. I've used this EA for months now and it's hands down the best.

Jose Bernardo Medeiros
Jose Bernardo Medeiros 2016.08.11 19:53 

I bought all systems 4.5 to 5 star in this market. For sure this is the best and the only one that interested me to leave a rating. It's plug and play. Read at least three times the instructions and you will be safe.

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2016.08.15 17:20 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

MingBen Li
MingBen Li 2016.08.18 04:26 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

Jiongdong Chen
Jiongdong Chen 2016.08.18 07:15 

Martingale without any good algorithmic method.

hide 2016.08.19 06:18 

I can't trust him and his product and his signal.

A lot of people were using EA with recommend settings and enough balance, but EA burned big money. David,any compensate for it?

Matei Mihaescu
Matei Mihaescu 2016.08.23 23:10 

Hello David and fellow traders. First I want to thank David for the best support. Always very fast in response to any questions that I had. I am testing this EA for the last 2 months. I can say I survived the last situations on the EUR/USD where a lot of users failed. I am testing it with 0.01 lots on an aggressive set up with 10 steps maximum. I only use more steps when price goes a lot on the wrong direction. I pause and wait until price goes to the next big support or resistance. Then let the steps run again, one or two more steps. Also my testing accounts are way bigger than 3k. I have been using it on 12k and 25k accounts. ECN and 1:500 leverage. I always ended up recovering the losses and also got in profit. The new feature that David said that will be available to allow to change the distance of the steps separately will be extremely good. I have seen this type of strategy making a lot of money in a couple of months with almost 100% gain per month. This EA is way better from what I have used in the past ( same principle ) and it has a lot of sets where you can minimize the risk. If you try to use it to make 50% to 100% per month for me that is very close to gambling. It can be done but the chances to succeed are very small. To sum up everything I think is a remarkable EA that needs attention and some trading skills. For those that want to start trading with 3k I would say that the new feature with the distance adjustment of the steps will help a lot. Also I have seen a lot of screen shots of accounts ( on the comments ) that where using 3k or even less with 12, 13 and even 16 steps opened. That is to much for a 3k account. When using a 3k account I think is better to limit the steps.

Gianluca Bonfanti
Gianluca Bonfanti 2016.08.24 08:47 

i must also agree with Carlos Moreno,

happen to me the same, DD was 72%,

EA is not using any stop loss even if i was in SAFE settings,

with only 8 steps opened.

David response to my questions and configured personally the "safe" settings that blown the account.

Once i was in trouble and i asked HELP, David didn't response anymore to my answers.

also his signal was deleted.

i am sorry for people that had account blown away.

veajuan 2016.08.28 04:43 

I have bought till now 9 EA in about 7 years. I have proved many strategies,and many automatic systems.

Like many traders I used to think that some systems, like Martingale, Hedging and Scalpers will ALWAYS will blow up you account. I learned with the time that in trading, like in all the aspects of the life, there is not absolute truths.

The Martingale system, like all the systems in trading have strict rules. Those rules includes that your account must not has low balance. David recommends at least 3000 usd to start... and I agree absolutely. The most important rule (in my opinion) is have a Stop Loss.. and you must to do your own backtest based on your own balance, and with the level of risk you want to take (always using SL).

Gegatrade Pro HAS the possibility of set a Stop Loss... and since I bought Gegatrade Pro, this is the way that I use to trade with this EA... always with profit.

I fully agree. If you don´t use any stop Loss is very probable that soon or later you will blow up your account....

I highly recommend this EA for three reasons:

- If you follow ALL the rules, you will make money.

- This EA have a high frecuency of trading... and you will see the profits all the trading days.

- I never (NEVER) have had better support and comunication like that I have had with David. He is the best.

Hoang Long Pham
Hoang Long Pham 2016.09.02 15:58 

I agree with Olli below. The support is excellent and responsive to my need. He even volunteered to give me his backtest EA version so I can test and optimize my own settings. The EA is solid. The author however is willing to listen to inputs to continually making it better. Keep up the awesome work! Update: I agree with MateiMihaescu and Jessie Pham: read the manual carefully several times, do not underleverage or having less than $3000 , be watchful of # of positions opened, etc....this EA will for sure making you good money with controlled DD, especially with the new features Martingale pause, widen distance, RSI filters, etc....Thank you, David, for programming such a comprehensive and wonderful EA.

Paul Thatcher
Paul Thatcher 2016.09.03 19:24 

Gegatrade Pro has developed a lot of extra functionality since it was first launched. I have found it profitable but I do not run it all the time preferring weeks when I consider the is not a lot of trend making news. The addition of the time filter enables you to run pairs in their quiet hours which has worked well for me with pairs other than EURUSD. There are very many settings which gives great flexibility. David is very helpful and implements suggested improvements very quickly.

Jeffrey Chan Yang Tung
Jeffrey Chan Yang Tung 2016.09.04 16:20 

This EA is very professional. The author is also very responsive. don't trade with low balance or attach to multiple charts like beginners who leave bad review.

sunke138 2016.09.04 16:54 

Very good EA, each consultation David are quick to get a reply, but run to read carefully, I only used for EUR / USD, really can make money, I give 5 stars.

ygnhzeus 2016.09.05 07:30 

I think a higher leverage is needed for this EA. Generally this EA is good.

Alessio Bizzarri
Alessio Bizzarri 2016.09.05 12:29 


after 3 months rent I decided to buy this EA. My 5 star review premise that Ea martingale I use max 8 livel trader if the price runs away to level 9..10..11..ecc

Nova version distance function but still have not seen it work, I can not express serious opinion.

StopLoss is set in money, I am sorry for those who have not set and exploded his account.

EA makes profit but being martingale is a little follow.

David seriously and responds faster.

good luck

I'm using this EA from 3 weeks, my honest review:

_ EA very good sliding fast code execution, when sideways market makes good profit, the problem of this EA is when the money runs away from the last order of the Martingale tot lot size grid 3.85 if the price runs off 80-100 pips EA does not put more orders the repayment capacity is very lucky the return price and DD becomes very important 3.85 lot -100 Pips = € 3850 in my case account exploded 5.5k Broker Peeperstone

My opinion is to broaden in pips last order of the grid, if the programmer does this EA 5 stars

Marcel Keller
Marcel Keller 2016.09.12 17:07 

Good EA, each consultation David are quick to get a reply. Don't trade with low balance.

Remi Van Den Bogaert
Remi Van Den Bogaert 2016.09.12 17:25 

Si tous les parametres sont sur "safe", cet ea produit de bon résultats assez constant, sans trop grand DD.

David est très patient et d'une grande aide.

Peter Pan
Peter Pan 2016.09.13 15:35 

so far very good EA but you need to be very careful with setup and you need to have sufficient funds!

williamlim87 2016.09.15 02:03 

This is an excellent EA if you understand how it works! It is really powerful now with the new RSI features and the features that allow you to set minimum distance in candles as well as in pips before next recovery trade is started! Am extremely impressed with the effort that the developer has put in! David also provides excellent support! I have been using this EA for about 2 months now on live account and have generated good profits.

Jacques 2016.09.15 11:24 

I am also of the opinion that this EA works very well given the right risk management. News filter + addition of RSI and distances make it a a very good advanced martingale with an edge as far as lot management (ie: it does not double each position as true martingales do). You need to keep your eye on it as any other EA but I am very happy with it and profits have exceeded its price. Lastly, David continues to optimise it and to be honest offers probably the best customer service I have experienced on the market place.

Tze Wen Lo
Tze Wen Lo 2016.09.15 21:26 

Great EA and support. Well worth the investment.

TQ David.

Aleksandr Remez
Aleksandr Remez 2016.09.16 04:04 

О какой чудесной поддержке говорят люди в отзывах не понимаю если автор предоставляет файлы настройки (кроме EUR) только после того как оставишь отзыв.

Купил советника три месяца назад, за это время автор постоянно то открывает то закрывает свои сигналы, myfxbook нет доступа.

Августовскую просадку прошлой версии с небольшими убытками я ликвидировал вручную только недавно (советник был остановлен после 8 го удвоения).

А теперь автор еще заявляет что получить файлы настройки для советника EURGBP и AUDUSD которые сам предложил я могу только после оставления отзыва.

Новая версия чтобы быть обьективным пока торгует нормально но риски мною снижены до 0,01 на 10000$ вместо 3000$ как советует автор да и прошлая версия была неплоха до августа

Henry Schiller
Henry Schiller 2016.09.16 17:52 

Hi David,

I am happy with my program Gigatrade Pro very.

It works like David well described. Greeting Henry

Natthapol Vanasrivilai
Natthapol Vanasrivilai 2016.09.16 19:00 

David, thank you for caring about the users that used your EA.

maxxmuc 2016.09.25 22:50 

Great EA! Well done David

Dennis Wittmann
Dennis Wittmann 2016.09.29 09:14 

I have test the EA for over 25 days on a demo account, I have try different settings and best balance for my use after I could run good profit I have start yesterday on my real account.

Every time I have set the up different settings or have problems with the EA i have talk to David he have help me wihtin 24h, he have fit my setting, setup up for my account.

I have try many test on strategie tool so be carefull to got high profits you got very high DD. To got Safe profits need try the settings of david and the DD is not at high.

After 24h my profit was on real account now over $30.

The Ea need a very good setting file so talk afterbuy/before buy to david and he will help you setup or fix your settings.

At the Moment i give to the EA all 5 Stars. Great Support, good profit, cheaper and better then any signal.

Be sure to win 1 trade is not the work of the EA, the EA working vs the actually trend and open every time little higher orders. 1-5 orders maybe more after order 3-4 are in win the EA close all 5 Orders.

After all you have 4 win Orders with high profit and 1 lost order.


Rawicha Wonchumphu
Rawicha Wonchumphu 2016.10.31 10:49 

GegaTrade Pro is a master at staying away from High Impact News and Weekends, therefore staying away from uncontrolled Volatility.

David has been great as well, we got into a little argument in the beginning about getting setup then, after that we worked it out, talked about it, and worked it out like two adults, and we really appreciate his great attitude. Our testing results have been great with GegaTrade Pro, LIVE and DEMO BOTH... especially after rebuilding our account, after trying to start with $1,000(NOT RECOMMENDED AMOUNT) it grew to $1,700, in less than a month... Then, the next week we were in fear of losing it all! We contacted David for help and he reminded us about the $3,000 at least, Starting Balance and we knew.

So, we ended up salvaging account down to $1,400 and grew it with our Manual Strategies to get it to the $3,000 mark for Automation.

Now making over $1,000 a month. I would advise $5,000 balance for ABSOLUTELY NO FEAR, You'll still be fine with $3,000 but, if it's negative -$1,000 it might scare you a little, never really goes over that, unless your modifying and trying to do your own settings or something like that.

So, Yes, we do recommend Gegatrade Pro. Happy Trading Everyone. Thanks again David.

Sammy Boy
Sammy Boy 2016.12.07 06:04 

This EA is a real gem, this is not a scalper EA which is good, extremely happy with EUR USD settings. Also, David is very helpful, and after running the EA for more than a month, most trades are closed within a day. no holding on for long (which is quite dangerous under current market condition) Thank you heaps David for all your help.. If u want an EA for long term trading , then u need to buy this!

Marcus Kalipke
Marcus Kalipke 2016.12.13 21:50 

Seit einigen Tagen benutze ich GegaTradePro und habe bis jetzt nur positive Erfahrungen machen können.

Ich nutze bewußt nur 0.01 Lot als feste Grundeinstellung bei 10.000 Dollar Kontobalance.

David ist unermüdlich beim helfen und hat nie schlechte Laune, auch wenn manche Verständnissprobleme nicht sofort, sondern erst nach mehrmaligem erklären geklärt sind.

Er ist ein super Entwickler und ständig bereit zu helfen.

Dankeschön :)

blardon 2016.12.28 12:56 


Jun Feng He
Jun Feng He 2017.01.09 14:20 


woody841 2017.01.16 22:38 

Great product, great returns! David has very good support and is always available to help out. Product has lots of flexibility to adjust to your trading style. Just wish i didnt waste money on other EAS ;)



John Brennan
John Brennan 2017.01.19 15:21 

I have rented GEGATRADE PRO from today and I have to say David has been incredibly helpful. He never seems to tire of all my questions.

Will report my progress in a few weeks.

Vanderlei Kulzer
Vanderlei Kulzer 2017.02.09 17:51 

I have rented the EA for a month to test and it is very good. I use it in EURUSD with safemode setfile and it gives a consistent small harvest everyday.

it is a very good EA

jangbk 2017.03.09 16:56 

First of all, I would like to thank David for the best support.

I am using Theorem and Gegatrade Pro 4 pairs. These EAs are making profits everyday. I am planning to deposit more money and increase lot size. If you use both EAs, you can take mutual supplementation effect.

David, you are the best. Thank you very much.

Enrico Moths
Enrico Moths 2017.03.13 00:33 

Very good EA - I like the 4.8 Version with RSI Filter which I used over several months with good returns. - Combined with the news watchdog I had safety news suspend trading all the time. I have turned off the gegatrade at some news events but it wasn't required in retrospect. - The EA would have done it all by itself. A hint from me: Do safe money management! Do not risk all your capital and expect an account blow. Hold some funds by side and withdraw profits. So you can continue trading even if the worst case happens. If you pay attention some facts and be carefully, you can make good money with this sophisticated EA. Very good work from David. - 5 Stars

Ronald Zaffari Lora
Ronald Zaffari Lora 2017.03.14 18:55 

Hi, i rented today Gegatrade, but there is one alert that say: " NEWS DOWNLOAD PROBLEM".

How can i fix this?


Eduardo Linares
Eduardo Linares 2017.03.28 17:47 

First week in real account, so far so good, profit every day

Eng Hoe Teh
Eng Hoe Teh 2017.03.30 03:07 

just paid for gegatrade pro, excellent result !

xingjian liu
xingjian liu 2017.03.31 14:15 


George Barelos
George Barelos 2017.04.01 20:12 

This EA WORKS!!! Thanks!

ashmch 2017.04.25 23:18 

Very happy customer. EA performs very well and support from David is exceptional. A great investment.

anjilal 2017.04.28 08:04 

nice ea overall,good support from the author,news filter is an asset but one should never get greedy we should follow his advice strictly .

kevinxu79 2017.05.16 11:32 

Its a very good ea, you won't regret to pay for it, you will get more than what you paid.

[Excluído] 2017.06.13 02:59 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

jocec 2017.07.10 11:09 

Fantastic EA, I've been using it since month now and the results are really amazing.

update 07.10.2017: after over 6 month of usage still very happy with the consistent results and fantastic support form David, always very helpful and quick in response

tomvanosselaer 2017.07.11 16:17 

Verry nice ea Whit contineu profit every day nice profits!

thanks for the EA!

Fengbiao Dong
Fengbiao Dong 2017.08.23 07:44 


Thorsten Imping
Thorsten Imping 2017.09.02 05:19 

Works well :)

Wai Julia Cheung
Wai Julia Cheung 2017.11.03 03:04 

Good EA

High profit


Nice Guy

5 Stars x 20

Hongjun Yu
Hongjun Yu 2017.11.03 11:42 


Wei Hu
Wei Hu 2017.11.30 15:51 


ropeganika 2018.01.05 10:33 

Best EA i bought

Felixu 2018.02.21 23:32 

I can vouch for consistent performance over the past 1 year. Excellent support from the vendor.

Highly recommended. After 10 years of forex trading, mostly with robots, this is the first one I have seen that has stood the test of time and is realistically priced.

Keep up the good work David!!!!

HamidKouidri 2018.03.06 19:36 

I have purchased the EA the beginning of this week and I am running it on few Demo's. Testing few set files provided in the blog and so far so good. David was very quick in helping me through TeamViewer when I had a problem with the news feed. I will update the end of the month.

Serafin Perez
Serafin Perez 2018.03.22 17:12 

Lo más grande de este ea, aparte de su rentabilidad, es que perdura en el tiempo. Ha llegado a ser y es todo un clásico, pero lo mejor es que cada actualización se presenta como un producto nuevo y mejor si cabe que el anterior. La gran sorpresa y la honradez que deja el autor, es que este producto sigue unas pautas de mejora que nadie es capaz de mejorar en el contexto. Me explico, hay autores que lanzan el producto y más adelante lo abandonan pero sacan un producto con otro nombre que bien podría ser una continuidad del mismo; en este caso esto no pasa aquí, en Gegatrade se sigue una línea en el tiempo de mejora que invita a tenerlo en Metatrader porque es un producto que brilla y su autor sabe como hacerlo brillar. Es un producto sorprendente si sigues las pautas de su autor que ha dejado escritas en su admirable blog.

Getrade es sorprendente y según pasa el tiempo no se degrada.

Pienso que es el mejor EA que tengo sin excepción.

Número UNO.

(Soy incapaz de decir nada malo de Gegatrade y sin embargo a veces pienso que debería de dejarlo para mi intimidad. Me sigue sorprendiendo día tras día y creo que debo compartirlo.)

Khairi Jaafar
Khairi Jaafar 2018.04.13 03:22 

Great EA. You need to have proper money management as mentioned by David. Recommended!

Ghero 2018.05.08 10:26 

I have tested Gegatrade extensively for a month both on Demo and Real account and using multipair. It's a very good and profitable EA. If you pay attention when price is strongly trending and you have a proper money managment, you will have for sure satisfactions. In my humble opinion, his last setfile, USDSGD, is near to the state of art. Thank you David

Pablo Ivan Parra Pedraza
Pablo Ivan Parra Pedraza 2018.06.27 17:58 

Excelente Ea y soporte por parte de David ,me gusta mucho todos los perfiles que uno puede usar.

iguana007 2018.08.05 21:40 

Really good EA !!! 5 Stars for David and Very good support

hammiebal 2018.04.04 16:12 

After 3 months still great support from David. If you follow his rules and watch the big news changes you will be fine :-)


22-12-2017 Still one of the best EA's arround. If you stick to your smart money management plan it can be very profitable.


4-4-2018 I had some problems with my MT4 and David fixed it, I love the M15 trail EURUSD, M5 EURUSD (aggressive) and the M5 EURCHF setfiles


29-8-2018 Still happy with Gegatrade. I am not using AUDUSD and USDSGD anymore (need some tweaking) All other setfiles are doing great for me. I am using icmarkets ecn for fast execution and small spreads

Yongqiang Chao
Yongqiang Chao 2018.09.28 17:53 

All Martin's EA will explode sooner or later. And this EA is selling too expensive.

patagoniax 2018.10.31 10:09 

It does not take any position other than AUDNZD.


We are using all the set files distributed.

I will update my rating once this problem is resolved.

Martin Metzler
Martin Metzler 2018.12.12 20:55 

Great EA with steady profit and live signals from the developer!

Very good support from David!

Thumbs up and many thanks!

m4xwe1188 2020.01.13 12:50 

The EA hasn't taken any trades for a long time. Anyone else having this issue?  GMT offset is correct. But it's just not taking positions after months. No response from David. Will update review if the problem is solved.

Responder ao comentário
Versão 5.9 2018.07.06
Added past news till June 2018
Changed set files
Versão 5.8 2018.03.29
Added Past News events for April 2018
Fixed Blinking News lines on the chart
Versão 5.7 2018.03.23
Added Past News Events until March 2018.
Now past News Events built into the EA are from January 2015 until March 2018 for all Major Pairs.
New set files can be found under the Blog:
Versão 5.6 2018.03.06
Fixed flickering of News lines on the chart.
a small glitch that does not affect trading.
Versão 5.5 2018.02.09
Added Past News events till January 2018
Added Trailing Capability
Optimized the code
Versão 5.4 2017.10.04
Fixed counter trades
Added past news for September 2017
Versão 5.3 2017.09.21
Fixed Stop Loss when using Hedge
Added Past history till August 2017
fixed Money Management to work with Hedge
Versão 5.2 2017.07.14
Added Hedging
Added Past news till June 2017
Added Moving Average Filter
for details visit https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/677491
Versão 5.1 2017.05.17
Added past news till April 2017
Versão 5.0 2017.03.09
For detailed description visit the Blog https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/677491

1-Added Leveling based on Resistance and Support
This opens up trading to wide number of pairs

Added past News from 2015 till 2017 Jan
Added Stop loss for each direction seperatly based on % account balance
Added show Take Profit Line
Changed the WebRequest Address
Tuned the Algorithm
Versão 4.8 2016.11.18
Past News updated till October 2016
Versão 4.6 2016.09.05
Dashboard error fixed
Versão 4.5 2016.09.02
1. Opened the code, so that users can set the distance to each martingale level differently
2. Added function to limit the martingale during slow trends
3. Updated the past news to cover July 2016

More details: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/677491
Versão 4.0 2016.08.10
Fixed news download error for users with bad Internet
Versão 3.9 2016.07.18
News Download Error Fixed
Versão 3.8 2016.06.22
StartTradingInMondayTime - start trading at any time you define after market opens on Mondays (broker time)
EndTradingInFridayTime - ends trading at the time defined before market closes on Fridays (broker time)
Updated the past news till June 9
Versão 3.7 2016.06.03
- Added Time to trade filter
- Injected past news inside the EA from January 2015 till May 2016
Versão 3.5 2016.05.11
1 - Past News from January 2015 till February 2016 Injected into the EA
2 - Each Direction can be configured differently to pause at the News Events
3 - "PauseAfterLevel" This function lets you pause the EA when it reach a curtain level of its Martingale.
Increase the number and EA continue where it left.
4 - SendPushNotificationOnDD send Push Notification about your DrawDown.
5 - "DrawDownInCash" amount that you wish to receive Push Notification when it is reached
Versão 2.55 2016.04.22
Stop Loss small Bug Fixed.