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PipsMinerFast is mainly a trend follower with a bit of price action. At first sight, you will think: "Oh well, one more indi showing everything I've missed today but not giving a clue about what will happen..."

Okay, you can believe this when just looking at it but start a test it and you will see that PipsMinerFast:

  • Shows you the trend immediately
  • Is not repainting
  • Has minimum lagging
  • Counts pips immediately
  • Adapts to your spread level
  • Works from M1 to H1
  • Is heading in the right direction 90% of time

Inputs description

  • Smoothing: Will increase or reduce accuracy regarding your needs. The lower the value = the higher precision; The highest = improve long trends following. Can be adjusted from 1 to + 1000.
  • PipsTrendPositiveCounter: Sets color for positive pips counter.
  • PipsTrendNegativeCounter: Sets color for negative pips counter.
  • PipsDayPositiveCounter: Sets color for daily pips counter when positive.
  • PipsDayNegativeCounter: Sets color for daily pips counter when negative.
  • PipisDayPositionCounterOffsetInPoints: Sets position of the day pips counter above the price line.
  • AverageSpreadInPips: Enter here the average spread of your broker to get the best calculation; ie: your broker grants 1.5 pips spread, then enter 1.5
  • ShowPips - enables pips Counting.
  • UsePush - enables Push notifications at trend change.
  • UseMail - enables Mail notifications at trend change.

Have a look at my site to get the full description and functionalities. Please notice that that the pips indication on the charts are not a guarantee or any promise of profits, they are only present to help you to find the right timeframe according to your spread level and way of trading.

Sujeet Kumar
Sujeet Kumar 2020.03.08 18:25 

Great indicator

Jamesdelz 2016.05.25 00:40 

It say's not repainting but the signal disappears when it goes the wrong direction, too many loses on my side.

Rinor Memeti
Rinor Memeti 2016.02.11 02:55 


Versão 1.5 2020.03.10
More documented comments in alert messages.
Versão 1.4 2020.03.08
UseSound Plays a sound if trend changes
UsePopupWindow Show the Popup Alert Window if trend changes
Versão 1.3 2015.12.22
New features of release 1.3:

ShowPips - enables pips Counting

UsePush - enables Push notifications at trend change

UseMail - enables Mail notifications at trend change