MT4 Bridge


I already have an Expert Advisor, but I need a new tool.

My EA works as follows, he is an arbitrator. Consequently it uses a platform as a data server and a second platform for trading.

In my tests I have obtained good results as you can see in the annexes. But the real account, the conversation is different for obvious reasons. What I need is the following:
MT4 Data Server Account 125ms (I already have)
MT4 Demo Account Trade 240: 260ms (I already have)
MT4 Real Trade Account 230: 260ms (I already have)

I need a tool to send the prices of MT4 Demo for Real MT4 with maximum 3.5ms delay, it is like a bridge.

For what?
For the EA log in Trade Account negotiate it as if you were trading in the Demo Account, and thereby obtain similar results to the Demo Account.

Or I could find a Broker with a real server that has exactly the same speeds and prices IFC Market Demo Server. - If anyone knows how to compare if two servers have the same speed and the same prices and the same time I thank you.

Or if you are able to create this tool, let's talk.

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