VPS freezing and unable to access MT5 settings


I am Brazilian and I opened an account with the brokers that offer MT5 here in Brazil, at the moment there are 7 brokers and I have Forex accounts at XM and ActivTrades.

I downloaded each MT5 from its specific broker and installed the same robot preset to be able to assess stability, latency, performance among Brazilian brokers.

I also acquired a VPS from Germany (Contabo) with 16GB RAM and 6 cores, running on the Windows Server 2012R2 system.

Processing usage during the market period is CPU = 27% and memory usage is 34%.

My problem specifically is: During trading hours I have the 9 MT5 instances open and what happens is that the operations occur normally but the VPS "screen" is frozen and it is not possible to operate any MT5 instance.

Would you like help and / or an opinion if this is normal? If maybe it is a VPS problem and would it be better to use a VDS? or the system Windows Server 2012 R2 is not correctly? or if is there a better way to create the instances in the VPS to make them work?