VPS problem - Same MT4 instance with 2 different accounts



I'm running 2 different pepperstone accounts on one single mt4 instance.

I've rented 2 MQL5 VPS and assigned each one to each account.

Today I noticed that a trade was opened in the 2 accounts, when it should only been opened in one of them.

Did I do the regular procedure? Is this normal?

I searched and realized there's a way to work with 2 diffent instances (same broker), perhaps that would solve the issue.

Either way, uninstalling it and installing again (this time 2 instances) migh produce some issues, such as:

  1. How do I use the same VPS (just rented) again, so I wouldn't need to pay for a different one?
  2. How do my EA's handle the operations if I still have open positions during the uninstall-install process?

Can anyone tell me what is the right procedure?

Thanks in advance.