After starting using VPS from mql5 renting duplicate signals and error dont allowing positions to close

Nuno Filipe Pereira Cruz Pereira  
After copying signal and experts ( your signal multiplier setting ) to your  VPS , should i  remove my signal provider from MT4 platform and wipe your expert ( signal multiplier)!tab=commentsand charts from mt4 laptop and let it run only on vps ? Would be this the cause of duplicate and error on close positions?
Utilitário de negociação Signal Multiplier MT4
Utilitário de negociação Signal Multiplier MT4
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  • 30.00 USD
  • 2017.06.21
  • Pavel Kolchin
Signal Multiplier allows to automatically multiply the lot volume of received trading signals. Interactive menu — display all information and control the program in real time using the visual menu Info panel — display only the information about the program settings (for low-end systems) Control and Setup Signal Multiplier (upper field) —...