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Lite Hamster Scalping

(Very Fast EA no Graphics)

The Lite Hamster Scalper is a Trading Robot with no use of Classic martingale. Schedule scalping Options. it uses some Indicators as a filter to maximize Correct entries.

Download The Hamster Pro the Advanced version of lite hamster scalping : Original Hamster_MT4  &&  Hamster_PRO_MT5

Or Try The Red Sapphire!

Recommendations : 

Lot : 0.01.

Balance  : 100 USD.

Pair : EURUSD.

TimeFrame : 5Min.

Spread : 30.

Broker : Trusted Brokers

Inputs descriptions : 

  • Initial Lot - Initial lot size.
  • Virtual Take Profit - virtual take profit.
  • Virtual Stop Loss - virtual stop loss.
  • Max Orders - the maximum number of open orders.
  • Star Hour - the EA operation start hour.
  • End Hour - the EA operation end hour.
  • Max Spread - maximum spread, at which the EA is allowed to open and close positions.
  • Magic Number - magic number for the Expert Advisor to identify its positions.
  • AutoLotSize - (Optional : enable/disable )
  • Allow (initial Lot) per (xx)USD - Risk Management
  • Maximum Lot Size per Trade : max lot per trade
  • Hedge - (Optional : enable/disable ) 
  • FIFO - (Optional : enable/disable ) 

The Hamster Scalper!

rainwalker123 2020.02.25 15:05 

Thanks to the author providing the EA for free, this is very generous. The EA is working fine, but you have to find the right balance for permanent optimizing! You can start earning money with it, but you have to do a little homework, finding the right optimization. That is absolutely OK for a free EA, who works allways good, if you are a good trader, with the right moneymanagement.

Jaimor Barossi
Jaimor Barossi 2019.12.21 12:17 

Ola caros amigos traders ! Agradeco ao autor desse EA , tenho eseguido inumeros Backtests , tentando melhorar um EA ja muito bom , afinando os parametros do mesmo por diversos dias riscontrei um otimo backtest que em somente 2019 convertiria 100 euros em mais de 100% , fiquei muito feliz de chegar a este ponto, sem mais conversa deixo pra voces a prova disso e tambem o set que usei , facam bom proveito deste maravilhoso BOT , obrigado ao autor !

SET na pagina discussao.

philippe germain
philippe germain 2019.08.19 17:20 

Exact same actions as Hamster Scalping EA.

You win several night and after a while you lose....

Humberto Belarmino de Souza Neto
Humberto Belarmino de Souza Neto 2019.07.23 02:22   

What is the best setting for $ 100 of the free version?

Thank you

Дмитрий Новиков
Дмитрий Новиков 2019.06.23 18:16   

Парни а есть сеты?

fersain 2019.04.05 09:38 


Ngoc Nguyen
Ngoc Nguyen 2019.03.31 00:29 

Thank you

Aleksej Kravcenko
Aleksej Kravcenko 2019.03.20 13:59 


a2012g 2019.03.09 18:03 

Maybe it was my set up, but I have had this free version running for a couple months now and two times it didn't take profit and and carried out to the SL. Two big loses for my account. I wouldn't dare at this point to use this free version again. I made little profit in between those loses, but the loses wiped it all out and more. Maybe there are other reasons for it, such as slipping, even though I had it set to the default settings. Not sure why.

DELTA 2019.02.19 15:17 

hola que tal, aun uso la versión que utiliza el rsi la cual me ha funcionado muy bien , tengo una cuenta micro la cual la abrí con $5 pasado 1 mes la cuenta casi se cuadruplica , y sin ninguna perdida hasta el momento a excepcion de unos cuantos errores míos, la pregunta , tienes esa versión aun para descargar , ya que solo la tengo instalada en una computadora y no he podido pasar los archivos a otra, anterior mente estaba con una señal de pago de un hamster pero no me funciono bien , así que probé este asesor experto y todo genial hasta que llego la actualización

Matt Hipple
Matt Hipple 2019.02.13 16:43 

Great results, it's like a stubborn mule it holds til in profit patiently unlike I can do as a human can't watch screen for hours and I question myself and change my strategy up after losing, THIS doesn't have human flaws like greed or weariness etc, very few losses, big drawdown happens when you try other pairs but also happens on eu too..

I have been testing this 24 hrs to see it's ability to withstand volatility and could likely change sl to 1500 (default is 700=70 pips) to run all day...

XAU- works great with spread-100 tp-100 sl-1000 and start hour-0 end hour-24, seems to be very accurate

I am running this on 9 pairs simulataneously on tw demo with $10k bal starting, seems to grow by 50% in 8 hours before taking big losses from margin or sl hit, so it's a robust system no doubt, and I think it could work really well with some thoughtful tweaking to lotsize per 100 to control risk.

It's likelihood of winning is very probable given time, manual intervention could definitely be helpful but not often at all, mostly just figure out your risk profile by doing .01 per 100 to start and tweak it..

To run on several pairs, cut risk in half .01 per 200 instead of per 100 on the autolot setting, or for 10 pairs .01 per 1000, etc just a guideline to learn your drawdown ability on DEMO before going live

Oliver Gideon Amofa Appiah
Oliver Gideon Amofa Appiah 2019.02.01 23:59 

Fantastic EA.

I have created a reliable signal based on my powerful set files.


Richard Bethsold
Richard Bethsold 2019.01.17 13:36 

Awesome EA! 5 Stars!

dmad2010 2019.01.15 13:34 

Very similar to Ramil Hamster. Good EA!

michelleferrara90 2019.01.10 13:46 

I came from your YouTube Channel, Thank you!

AndreiBurtea 2019.01.10 13:37 

Good result and safe as well

dandyandy88 2019.01.10 13:14 

Good robot, thank you for make it for free, I will use the hamster pro soon.

svyatik 2019.01.10 08:09 

Плохой советник. Настройки по-умолчанию. В первый же день убыток больше половины депозита. Открыто 8 сделок на продажу, все закрыты в убыток.

Evgeny Belyaev
Evgeny Belyaev 2019.01.09 02:49 

Best Ea

johansson76 2018.12.28 22:31 

Not bad, the percentage of accurate inputs is large.

hubibubi95s 2018.12.26 23:46 

Merry Christmas

Domybestuser 2018.12.26 23:31 

By proper setting and MM, Hamster is greatest EA.

asocolov61 2018.12.26 23:19 

Great communication from the developer. Will update later with results

iskhakovv 2018.12.26 23:10 

So far great scalper but you do need to set max trades to 5 or less if you have a small account...other than that I've had no losses using this EA...support is great unlike other sellers

johnnylletz 2018.12.24 12:40 

This Hamster EA is the best, Only Profits till now.

youssef1985 2018.12.14 15:48 


Dmitriy Mashkarin
Dmitriy Mashkarin 2018.12.13 06:23 


MAHMOUD SHWAISH 2018.12.12 12:32 

Excellent job!

borisleman 2018.12.08 12:43 

Excellent job! This EA certainly has a great potential.

Victor Manuel Valderrama Zamora
Victor Manuel Valderrama Zamora 2018.12.08 01:09 

work great! make want to buy the pro version!

fxchamp101 2018.12.04 05:57 

So far, so good. Early days still, but looks good.

sunnychow 2018.12.03 16:46 

Thanks for share

Nidhal Chedly
Nidhal Chedly 2018.12.03 00:47 


OVIDIU VLAD 2018.11.30 19:26 

Very impressive results, brilliant strategy! The living proof that you do not need sophisticated indicators or complicated strategies to make a profitable EA. Thanks for posting this version for free.

For all the people with bad reviews, the only problem is you, the strategy is solid. Just use a 20-100 level and start from there.

Abdul Salam
Abdul Salam 2018.11.29 16:26 

great EA , i personally used it and recommend it to trader

Aleksandar Tsankov
Aleksandar Tsankov 2018.11.28 08:04 

great EA, I recommend it.It works really well, an excellent 10-star work.

Mohammad Oladi
Mohammad Oladi 2018.11.27 07:17 


Nelson Adolf Del Rosario
Nelson Adolf Del Rosario 2018.11.25 21:36 

Lets see how it goes...... starting today live...... will update in couple off weeks.....

Jhs 2018.11.23 14:57 

In one week 100% profit even better than Hamster Scalper because today has not made any entrie and Lite Hamster Scaslper 5 buy entries with profit with the same broker Fbs account ECN, you have to give opportunities and see what you do when the market goes against.

Update 30.11.2018: The EA is good but I do not like that it changes to a Pro version of payment and the only difference is that the Pro version has Edge, same as version 1.5 of the Lite Hamster, but now in version 1.6 it does not have any more. I do not like those changes it seems unreliable the seller

Real Need
Real Need 2018.11.21 15:41 

many popup stress to me but , l soon get results..

11/22 my demo 0.20 lot 2 buy order 20 profits! not bad

GURMEET S BOPARAI 2018.11.21 14:47 

Great EA, Very easy to setup.

Thank You.

Mehdi Faraz Fard
Mehdi Faraz Fard 2018.11.21 14:42 


hafizulhamdi 2018.11.21 13:00 

Funtastic....100% Profit at 3 day, But the latest version is no longer free

Christophe Godart
Christophe Godart 2018.11.21 12:50   

Exact same actions as Hamster Scalping EA.

free copy I guess

MM is everything.

Mostafa Nasar
Mostafa Nasar 2018.11.21 09:06 

amazing EA easy money

John Brennan
John Brennan 2018.11.20 10:05 

This seems to be a good EA. I reduced SL to 1000 and the max number of trades to 6 and this appears to work well. Great low risk EA but crazy Risk/Reward ratio.

12 months backtests are good but 3-5 years backtests are not so good.

I will use a demo account with some caution

mitchbuck 2018.11.19 21:59 

seems ok ,no losses yet . still no losses

Johanes Hermanto
Johanes Hermanto 2018.11.16 17:44 

Himma, the forward test on demo account works great. The only thing that could make this even better if you could close all open trades with FIFO (First In First Out) compliance.

I tested on Oanda broker and it complained about FIFO violation. I believe it's doable since all of those open positions close at the same price. Thanks, and it's a great EA!!

Serafin Perez
Serafin Perez 2018.11.16 17:02 

Mira, otro trozo de carne para echarle al arroz. Yo creo que este ratón le ha estado oliendo los huevos al otro, pero da igual, ninguno de los dos funcionan bien.

Morten Kruse
Morten Kruse 2018.11.16 12:26 

Great EA. Can't wait for next version. It would be great with autolot incremental 0.01 for ervery 100 EUR :-)

chonchoro 2018.11.15 18:54 

Very nice one and I tasted SL 60pips TP 3pips also SL60 TP 6 are good, but default setting is good as well but if I get SL, it huge loss.... not very often but. Anyway Many thanks to make nice EA.

LeonoraConlin Leonora
LeonoraConlin Leonora 2018.11.15 13:43   

very nice ea, all trade profits so far. absolutely powerful ea.

Yongqiang Chao
Yongqiang Chao 2018.11.14 06:18 

good!少了ATR和第三指标ATR。希望添加第三指标增加RSI。还有auto lot!!!thank you.

Jaldip Ramani
Jaldip Ramani 2018.11.14 05:25 


Dr Waleed Mahdy
Dr Waleed Mahdy 2018.11.13 19:12 

thanks for your help

i will check and back again

バージョン 2.1 2019.07.31
new options locked
バージョン 2.0 2019.03.19
EA improvements
バージョン 1.9 2019.02.12
EA strategy
バージョン 1.8 2019.02.09
Strategy Improvements.
FIFO Improvements.
Closing Orders using FIFO Added.
Maximum Lot size Per Trade (input added).
バージョン 1.7 2018.12.02
EA improvement.
バージョン 1.6 2018.11.30
EA Improvements
バージョン 1.5 2018.11.28
Free version is no longer available.
バージョン 1.4 2018.11.28
No, Alerts.
バージョン 1.3 2018.11.21
Editing a text Message, The EA is Totally For Free!
バージョン 1.2 2018.11.20
AutoLotSize (Optional : enable/disable )
Hedge (Optional : enable/disable )
And Notifications Mobile, Email and Alert : (Optional : enable/disable )
バージョン 1.1 2018.11.13
Adding aa Alert message to users at the launch of App.