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The Red Sapphire

The Red Sapphire


(Very Fast, Easy Setup, More Power!)

The Red Sapphire the advanced version of Blue Sapphire, it is an  intelligent Trading Robot uses a smart Grid algorithm. Also it uses some Indicators as a filter to maximize Correct entries.

Recommendations : 

Pair = EURUSD.

TimeFrame = 1 Hour.

Broker = Trusted Brokers

Inputs descriptions : 

  • Initial Lot - Initial lot size.
  • Trailing Stop - virtual take profit
  • auto_lotsize=it will will calculate the lotsize according to the balance.
  • Risk=Risk per Cycle.
  • Profits_Equity_Percent=is the coefficient multiplied by the Balance to get the profits per each trades
  • Buy_Trades=Enable / disable BuyTrades.
  • Sell_Trades=Enable / disable Sell Trades.
  • Magic_Number=To separate trades from each other if you are using the EA with same Pair same Time-frame on more than one chart.

More Options Please to use the Red Sapphire Robot.

EA Sapphire!

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