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Joel Juanpere
Joel Juanpere
New highs for SFE Impulse
Joel Juanpere
Joel Juanpere
If you are interested in SFE products or in Automated trading in general, I invite you to join to the telegram group. SmartForexExpert is Partner of ICMarkets and Tickmill, two of our favorite ECN brokers.. If you want to move to these brokers or have already an account, you now have the opportunity to pay a discounted commission on both brokers. Visit SFE webpage and follow the instructions smartforexexpert.com
shan xiang
shan xiang 2019.11.12
Arnold Bobrinskii
Arnold Bobrinskii 2019.11.13
Thanks for opportunity. Can I make commission lower of already opened account with ICm or tickmill broker?
Francis Belanger
Francis Belanger 2020.03.25
oh the famous SFE systems
Joel Juanpere
Joel Juanpere
another perfect hot of sfe impulse
Joel Juanpere Ha publicado el producto

900.00 USD

1 Units left at 900 USD. Next price 1200 USD This expert advisors search for perfect impulse setups. The approach is use a very few but high effectives rules / filters and an effective management of the opened position. Signal https://www.mql5.com/es/signals/2049326 Backtest The EA must be backtest in any timeframe, but for use in live, must be attached to a M5 chart. Live setup The EA is very easy to configure, and can be used with the default parameters. Only the parameters related to the

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This utility copies the trading activity from MT5 to Binance Spot. As copies to SPOT, only supporst LONG positions. - Can handle multiple orders with different SL and TP. Can handle partial closes. - In the parameters, you can establish a mutliplier between the size on MT5 and the size to open on Binance. - You can filter use or not manual trades and EA trades. Look the video to see how to use it

Joel Juanpere

Binance Grid Pro 1.1 - Changes

29 noviembre 2022, 16:28
visit previous post for general introduction. https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/751047 Product's page: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/89642 The parameters has changed a bit on version 1.1...
Joel Juanpere
Binance Utilites help in view and manage your Binance Assets. Product's Page: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/88722 The version 1.1 ads a new feature, automatize the subscription to a stake product...
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Binance Grid Pro offers an alternative to the built in Grid systems Binance Platform offers. This utility let you define a grid parameters for interact with your Binance account using an Isolated Margin account. This is, similar to Spot Grid in Binance. This is not for handle with derivatives contracts, is for handle with Spot through Isolated Margin Account. But obviosly this utility offers a different approach than built in Binance Grid to handle the Grid, which I have found useful based on my

Joel Juanpere

Binance Grid Pro guide

23 noviembre 2022, 22:06
Binance Grid Pro offers an alternative to the built in Grid systems Binance Platform offers. Product's Page: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/89642 Follow trades in realtime using this utility here: https://t...
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Binance Utilites help in view and manage your Binance Assets. This utilities comes as Expert Advisor and only need to be attached to any chart, don't mind the account, can be a demo account of any broker. This EA connects to your Binance account to retreive the information. Detailed information and How To Setup https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/750912 Automatize subscription on not full time available stake products https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/751114 And on SFE Telegram Group (Find it in

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60.00 USD

This EA is an Utility for define and execute a grid strategy.    Join to the telegram group you can find in my profile page for have access to the different strategies proposed by the SFE community. BACKTEST AND LIVE The EA must be used on a M5 timeframe chart.  The current version works only in the Long side, and with symbols like BTC, ETH, GOLD, Stock Indices, STOCKS.  Do not work on Forex symbols. This is a deliberate restriction, because the idea behind is use the

Joel Juanpere
Joel Juanpere
SmartForexExpert Freedom EA includes the best 10 forex EAs of SFE, covering different kind of systems and symbols. This portfolio continues the very stable growth this year. Right now at the very reduced price.

Available both MT4/MT5. All the 10 EAs included managed from only 1 chart.

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500.00 USD

SFE Crypto is an Expert Advisor specially designed to trade with cryptocurrencies. SFE Crypto can be used with your mt5 broker or with your binance future account. The minimum balance required to trade depends on the broker. But for the Binance option, $100 is enough.  Requirements for use with binance future account: - Enable one side mode (no hedge mode) on your future trading options. - Generate an API Key and enable trading with futures. Join or telegram community if you have doubts

Joel Juanpere Ha publicado el producto

This utility shows the performance of the account (closed operations) in a graphical panel attached to a graph as an indicator. The purpose of the utility is to have a quick and clear view of the performance of transactions organized by different EAs or any desired combination. The utility has the following features in the current version 1.0: - Custom groups can be defined, to analyze and compare different performances within the account. The groups can contain filters of two types, filters

Joel Juanpere
Joel Juanpere
NS version 10.0 published!

With a lot of improvements, between them the Calendar control (on MT5 version).

Check the promotional price of the MT5 version, 50% discount, will remain for 1 week or 10 units sold. https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/49522