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Ticks Envelopes

The Envelopes indicator drawn using a tick chart.

After launching it, wait for enough ticks to come.


  • Averaging period - period of averaging.
  • Smoothing type - type of smoothing. Can have any values of the enumeration ENUM_MA_METHOD.
  • Option prices - price to be used. Can be Ask, Bid or (Ask+Bid)/2.
  • Deviation of boundaries from the midline (in percents) - deviation from the main line in percentage terms.
  • Price levels count - number of displayed price levels (no levels are displayed if set to 0).
  • Bar under calculation - number of bars on the chart for the indicator calculation.

Buffer indexes: 0 - UPPER_LINE, 1 - LOWER_LINE, 2 - BID, 3 - ASK.

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