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CodeBase Fury

EZ.Fury Kite is judged based on the trend indicator MA. The general setting period is 15M, the trading time is about 1-2 hours, and 1 hour is the best.
Multi-currency transactions that support ECN accounts.
Use the default settings for compound interest mode, this EA will increase revenue by 20%-40% per month.
Set the parameters manually and make a fixed profit model. This EA generates revenues of 10%-20% per month.

This EA gives time-limited attributes. In order to reduce the possibility of loss, we believe that the easiest way is to build a band trading system for a specific time. In the absence of volatility in the market, scapler is used to make it easy to profit, and past transaction history proves that this method is profitable in many currencies.

Most EA programming development teams have entered a misunderstanding. The more complicated the strategy is, the more likely it is that the EA capability is greater. This is actually wrong. This EA proves that even if you only focus on the 1-2 hour band every day, it is enough to amplify the profit.

we suggest that open at GMT+0 17:00-18:00pm /6:00-7:00am

mario jorge
mario jorge 2019.09.11 02:36   

Hi just purchase this Expert, i do expect good result i realy need :D

Versión 1.1 2019.06.20
Useincreamentallotsize – this is our money management, it can be set to TRUE or FALSE. If FALSE, you can set your own lot size.
Lot_Size – set your own lot size here.
RiskPerCyclePercentage – this is the value of money management in percentage. If you set this number at 20, the EA will limit the loss to 20% of your account.
TradeOnMonday, TradeOnTuesday, TradeOnWednesday, TradeOnThursday, TradeOnFriday – this is self explanatory. You can set the days in which you want the EA to trade.
MaxSpread – this value will determine if the EA will open trades or not based on your broker spread. If your broker spread is above our default value of 2.5, then you need to increase the max spread to accommodate.
Take Profit – this is the amount of pips Fury will close winning trades at.
Stop Loss – this is the amount of pips Fury will close losing trades at. We keep the SL hidden from the broker, but it’s on every trade.
MaxOrders – this determines how many trades are placed at once. For FIFO, this should be set to 1.
StartTradingTime, EndTradingTime – this is a set time when the EA is allowed to open trades.
MaxSlippage – this value will determine if Fury will open trades or not based on your broker slippage.
MagicNumber – this value just needs to be different on each chart if you run multiple pairs in one account.
Start – The start point for first trailing stop to kick in.
Step – The distance between price and SL after first trail. So, after first trail there must be X points to apply the next trail.
Stop – The SL distance after each trail.