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Averaging Master

The mechanism of this system is a technique to reduce unwanted risks by opening other positions in the same direction at different price levels. That is to reduce the average risk of more than one position that opens at different price levels.

In the event that the order is opened, if the market changes in the opposite direction causing loss.

In this scenario, the system will prevent the risk by using Averaging technique to minimize the risk by opening orders in the same direction. And if the time later, the market comes back in the same direction as the previous order has been opened, then it will change from losing until getting the capital back. And generate additional returns from setting profits when the price level reaches the target.

Trade signals that use multiple moving averages as basic moving average crossover systems. The system has the function of setting internal parameters to measure and filter trends which are based on trend trading, increasing the accuracy of trading signals and reducing the risk of loss accumulation.

The system does not need to stop waiting for news filtering and can be traded full-time in all conditions.

Key Features

Timeframe: M15
Currency pairs: EURUSD
Use only five-digit accounts
Initial deposit: $ 1000 up 
It is recommended to use a low spread ECN Broker, 1:500 leverage
Using real tick data in backtest with 99.9% modeling quality


  • MagicNumber - magic number to set the ID for each EA
  • Lots - initial lot size 
  • Lots_Plus - lot size increased 
  • Hedge_Limit - max orders to hedge 
  • Vola_Coef - coefficient of volatility
  • Profits_MM - Auto/Target
  • risk - risk percentage
  • Trades_Profit - profit target
  • DDCloseAll - enable drawdown percent close, set true or false
  • DDPercent - set the percentage to cut loss, % drawdown
  • Slippage - slippage value in points
  • MaxSlippage - maximum allowable slippage value in points
  • StartTradeTime - set time to start trading
  • EndTradeTime - set time to end trading
  • BrokerGMTOffset - Your Broker GMT Offset
  • TradeMonday_Mode - set ON/OFF for Monday trading 
  • AfterHourMonday - after hours Monday start 
  • TradeFriday_Mode - set ON/OFF for Friday trading 
  • AfterHourFriday - after hours Friday close 
  • CloseOrderFriday - closing profit orders on Friday 
  • CloseProfitFriday - profit amount 
  • CloseAllFriday - close all orders on Friday
  • Display Settings - apply default or change display position
  • Top - distance from the top
  • Left - distance from the left

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