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No tiene que configurar nada en este EA porque ya tiene la mejor configuración.
Pura ruptura y actúa solo en las noticias altas donde el rango se apaga a través de un indicador especial.
Hicimos una prueba retrospectiva de 2 años con 99.9% de tickdata.
El resultado muy en el video!

Mejor período de tiempo: 1 min y 5 min

Sólo el EURUSD es la mejor cuenta de ECN con la menor difusión posible.
Con una extensión de 12, ¡la EA sigue funcionando bastante bien!

El VPS debe ser muy rápido al menos 1 - 4 ms
Ne0sul 2019.07.29 18:40 

What you want to say over EA that brings you good Profit??

Amazing work from Martin!

Even the Support is amazing!!

5 Stars

vicky 2019.07.29 17:57 

Wonderful expert advisor and great prompt support from Martin. Great backtest and forward test result from the robot.

The EA is fairly priced for the money it brings to the table. Has a great potential and long way to go.

Highly Recommended!

Morten Kruse
Morten Kruse 2019.07.16 15:05 

Rented it for 1 month. More losses than winning. Would not reconment it

Sergey Zhuravkov
Sergey Zhuravkov 2019.06.23 15:08 

Good job colleague, hope future results will be as good as the tests! Thank you!

Uwe Peters
Uwe Peters 2019.06.23 10:13 

Wonderful ea and really great help from developer. Martin´s support is outstanding. Fair pricing (look at rental) and overall i am happy with it. Recommended!

MR.E 2019.06.18 21:09 

Excellent customer service! And everyone should feel free to reach out to Martin if they have any question! Super helpful! I'm testing the EA now, which has done great on backtest! I'll update soon!

Versión 1.5 2019.05.28
You do not have to set anything on this EA because it already has the best settings.
Pure breakout and acts only in high news where the range goes out via a special indicator.
We did a backtest of 2 years with 99.9% tickdata.
The result very much on the video!

Best Timeframe: 1 min and 5 min

Only EURUSD best ECN account with as little spread as possible.
With a spread of 12, the EA is still working quite well!

VPS should be very fast at least 1 - 4 ms