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Soldiers Crows

The indicator displays the "Three white soldiers and Three black crows" candlestick model on a chart.

Three white soldiers are color in blue. Three black crows are colored in red.

Input parameters:

  • Max Bars - maximum number of bars calculated on the chart.
  • Make Signal Alert - use alert.
  • Type of pattern rules - use a strict model of determining the pattern (short lower shadows for the three soldiers, short upper shadows for the three crows), or a simplified model.
  • Max Shadow Ratio - coefficient of the length of shadows relative to the main body of a bar (used when the strict model of determining the pattern is selected).
  • Only three in a row - only three consequent bars. Before soldiers - bearish bar. Before crows - bullish bar.
  • Set MA Filter - settings of the filter of crossing the 1-st bar (of 3) by MA.
  • MA Filter Enabled - use the filter of crossing the 1-st bar (of 3) by MA.
  • MA Method - method of averaging of MA.
  • MA Period - period of MA.
  • MA Price Type - type of prices used.
  • Set MACD Filter - settings of the MACD filter.
  • MACD Filter Enabled - use the MACD filter.
  • MACD Fast - fast MA of MACD.
  • MACD Slow - slow MA of MACD.
  • MACD Signal – signal line of MACD.
  • Set DG Filter - settings of the doji filter.
  • DG Filter Enabled - use the doji filter (if one of three bars is doji, the pattern will not be displayed on the chart).
  • Delta Open Close(Pips) - minimum difference between Open and Close prices of a bar in points to detect a doji.
  • Set Grow Filter - settings of the maximal growth filter.
  • Grow Filter Enabled - use the maximal growth filter.
  • Max Grow High-Low (Pips) - maximum difference between High and Low prices of the first and the third bar.

Recommendation on using in combination with the SMA filter:

SL is set on the 'high' level (for the crows) plus a few points, low (for the soldiers) minus a few points of the second bar.

In case the motion of price in the required direction slows down on next bars, or there is a reverse pattern (e.g. Pin Bar), close the position.

The position should also be closed if the price touches the SMA (20).

It is recommended to use the indicator on H1 and higher periods.

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