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OnBoard stats

OnBoard stats is a panel that show in a single view a lot of usefull information about working orders and trading account.

It has 4 different sub-panels (from left to right):

  • Symbols order statistics: it can be found symbols for which there are orders (market or pendings). Symbol with pendings are colored with "Pendings color". Clicking on a specific symbol row, chart will be changed to that symbol.
  • Current symbol statistics: informations about the "current" symbol, the one which is opened in the graph.
  • Total statistics: information about total account opened orders.
  • History statistics: information about the history orders. The history list size depends on the current settings of the "Account history" tab of the terminal.

Please, leave me a review after you used it! Thanks

Viktor Koroveshi
Viktor Koroveshi 2019.11.04 00:24 

very useful tool

maurizio.francia-ba77 2019.10.14 19:50 

chiaro e utilissimo per chi fa trading inpossibile non averlo ...io lo farei pagare :D

Sammy 2019.04.23 03:52 

I love this tool because I can view vital information all on one screen.

Versión 1.1 2019.04.12
Bug fix.