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Auto StopLoss Premium mt4

While you are trading, Auto StopLoss Premium doing all the routine work.

"Must have" for scalping. Best way to save account balance in case of force majeure.(Internet connection loss, power outage, sharp change in price direction)

The Utilite automatically adds a stop loss to open and pending orders that have no stoploss set. Also adds a take profit.

The anti-requote system is built into the Utilite. That means  the stop loss will be registered anyway!

In the settings you can set any stop loss begin from 0.00001 (If your broker does not allow to set 1 pip, then the nearest lowest value is set)


  • StopLossPIPS - The number of points through which you need to set stop loss
  • TakeProfitPIPS - The number of points through which you need to set take profit

A standard version of the program is also available (Auto StopLoss Defender mt4, you can set stoploss, without takeprofit)

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