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PA Dog

PA Dog use mainly price action to open and close orders. No indicator is used. The most advance enter and quit strategy is created with real trading experience to adapt most market situation.

It is very easy to setup with no much knowledge. You can just start with default set to trade EURUSD instantly.

The strategy is well tuned to apply for long time running for most major currency pair.

Default setting is for EURUSD M30. It has been proved in real account with good result for months. The monitor signal is as below.


  • No Grid
  • No Martingale
  • No Hedging
  • No Arbitrage

It is advised to use a VPS with low latency and a low spread broker with excellent execution time. You can start with 0.1 lot on 500 USD account.


  • Magic = Magic number
  • Comment = Comment
  • Orders = Maximum orders in one direction
  • Risk = Risk percentage
  • Lots = Lots size
  • Slippage = Maximum allowed slippage
  • Spread = Maximum allowed spread
  • ProfitFactor = Profit factor use for take profit
  • StopLossRatio = Stop loss ratio use for stop loss
  • ATRLevel = Bars use for ATR indicator
  • BuyDelta = Buy delta in order open
  • SellDelta = Sell delta in order open
  • BarRatio = Bar ratio to check with pattern
  • PartialClose = Total times of partial close 
  • CheckRatio = Bar checking ratio (Less value mean more tight checking)
  • BreakEvenRatio = Break even ratio
  • TradeDay = Open trade only in day (comma separated)
  • Marubozu = Enable price action pattern Marubozu
  • MarubozuFactor = Orders multiplier for Marubozu
  • Three = Enable price action pattern Three
  • ThreeFactor =  Orders multiplier for Three
  • Harami = Enable price action pattern Harami
  • HaramiFactor =  Orders multiplier for Harami
  • Engulfing = Enable price action pattern Engulfing
  • EngulfingFactor =  Orders multiplier for Engulfing
  • CutSpread = Ignore bar with spread

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Versión 1.5 2018.12.03
Fine tune exit algorithm to make better trade.
Versión 1.4 2018.11.29
Fine tune default setting again for EURUSD M30
Versión 1.3 2018.11.23
EURUSD M30 default set changed