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This grid Expert Advisor uses signals based on breakout of waves by R.N. Elliott.

The operation principle of the Expert Advisor lies not only in accumulating positions against the trend (as all grid EAs do), but also along the trend (the principle of turtles).

The unique risk control system manages the entire process from opening the grid of order to closing it.

The risk control system consists in determining the critical level of lot accumulation in one direction. When a critical event occurs, marked on the chart with Critical_Loss True, the amount of position "additions" with an increased volume increases (CriticalLotSell,CriticalLotBuy). This allows reducing the rollback threshold for closing the order grid. It also changes the take profit level for the orders grid to the level of Loss Target.

Another advantage of this EA is the minimum number of settings, while still providing the flexibility and adaptation to various market situations.

  • try_count - the number of attempts to open an order.
  • Profit_to_percent - profit in percentage (false-no, true-yes).
  • CurrentProfit - current profit.
  • step - step in points for 5-digit brokers.
  • uLot_Sell - volume for sell orders.
  • Lot_Buy - volume for buy orders.
  • CriticalLotSell - volume for sell orders at a critical event.
  • CriticalLotBuy - volume for buy orders at a critical event.
  • Critical_Lots - the number of trades before the critical event arrives.
  • LossTarget - fixed loss in the deposit currency.
  • MAGIC - unique number of an order.
  • Recommended deposit size: $1000 and higher.
  • Recommended account type: ECN.
  • Recommended working time: 24/5.
  • Recommended TF: M15 and higher.
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