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BOX Breakout

Box Breakout is an Expert Advisor for level trading. When a flat range is broken, the EA places pending limit buy and sell orders.


  • Currency pair: Any
  • Timeframe: M30,H1
  • Recommended leverage: 1:10 and higher
  • Minimum deposit: $500 for dollar accounts and $50 (5000 Cent) for cent accounts
  • Before using on a real account, check it in the strategy tester and optimize the parameters for your broker
  • Set the desired risk per trade

Settings and Inputs

  • Risk - risk per trade (as a percentage of the deposit).
  • Magic number of the expert - magic number of the EA.
  • StopLoss (pips) - stop loss in points from the box (flat).
  • TakeProfit (in boxes) - take profit (multiple of the box). Example is shown on the screenshot.
  • Breakeven (pips) - move a position to breakeven.
  • Box (maximum in pips) - width of the box (flat).
  • Bars for analysis - the number of bars to analyze.

Trading time for each day:

  • to start - time to start trading.
  • finish - time to stop trading.
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Versión 2.1 2018.03.02
- fixed the dead zone for placing limit orders on four digits