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Eliminator EA

Eliminator EA is a professional and fully automated scalper. Easy to use, proved strategy many years and just focused on GBPCAD. This EA uses some calculated price and time actions with 6 indicators' confirmations. No need for unnecessary EA parameters. The EA sets everything automatically.


  • NO Grid, NO Martingale, NO Averaging and high risk strategies.
  • The EA always uses Stop Loss and Trailing. No needs to enter stop loss or take profit manually.
  • Dropdown style Money Management can be set easily. Also, fixed lot size available.
  • No needs extra settings. Default settings are enough.
  • This EA only works with the GBPCAD currency pair and the M15 timeframe. Does not need time for multicurrency tests, installation, settings, controls, tracking.


  • TimeFrame: M15
  • Symbol: GBPCAD
  • Digits: Any.
  • Broker: ECN or low spread.
  • Server: VPS.
  • Balance: Min $100.


  • Money Management: Money Management is calculated by FREE MARGIN. That will open lot size dynamically.
  • Fixed Lot Size: If Money Management set to Fixed Lot Size, the EA will open fixed lot size order.
  • Show Info Panel: YES/NO. The EA will show some details about EA, trades, server and symbol on the left.
  • Magic Number: Unique magic number for EA's trades.
  • Order Comment: Special comment for orders.

NOTE: If you set M15 timeframe and attach the EA into GBPCAD chart, the EA will work. Otherwise, not. You will also take an alert!

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Versión 1.10 2017.12.07
Fixed a order bug.