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First RSI level

First RSI level indicator analyzes and displays the level, at which the first crossing of the standard RSI maximum or minimum value took place for the subsequent definition of strong trends.

The indicator allows you to track the beginning of a trend that does not follow the signals of the standard RSI trading strategy, for example, when the price rushes downwards after reaching an oversold level instead of reversing. In this case, we have to conclude that a strong trend is underway and the next entry point in its direction is marked by an arrow, audio alert and/or push notification. The same happens in case the price rushes upwards past an overbought level. If you need a standard RSI with an audio alert and notifications, have a look at RSI Alerts.

If you want to enable push notifications, set Send Notification = true. You should also properly configure your MetaQuotes ID in the terminal settings (how to do it).


  • RSI Period - RSI period.
  • RSI maximum level - RSI maximum level (overbought level), default is 70.
  • RSI minimum level - RSI minimum level (oversold level), default is 30.
  • Alert - enable audio alerts.
  • Send Notification - send push notifications to the mobile terminal.
  • Shift 0-curren bar, 1-first bar - RSI shift: 0 - take the data from the current candle, 1 - take the data from the first candle.
  • Width arrows - arrows and level lines size (1-5).
  • Buy color - buy arrows and levels color.
  • Sell color - sell arrows and levels color.
  • Comments - on-screen tips.

Indicator buffers

  • 0 - buy arrows.
  • 1 - sell arrows.
  • 3 - last RSI buy signal level.
  • 4 - last RSI sell signal level.
nakayui818 2019.01.30 16:38 

good job!very nice indicator

Andrey Sorokin
Andrey Sorokin 2018.06.21 08:05 

An interesting idea and its implementation.

Tim Eubanks
Tim Eubanks 2018.03.22 12:25 

Signals do not make any sense!