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HeLL Cat Pro

The HeLL_Cat PRO Expert Advisor is a powerful trading tool, suitable both for professionals and beginners. Its arsenal includes various strategies - the HeLL_Cat mode, the Safe mode and the News mode.

The PRO version differs from the standard version in the added functionality of settings. The complete list of differences can be found in the documentation for the EA.
  • The HeLL_Cat mode uses the adaptive trading strategy based on a neural network consisting of 4 interconnected logical cores. A distinctive feature of this mode is the strategy of partial overlap and construction of an orders grid with an adaptive lot ratio increase depending on the behavior of the market. The trading activity of the robot in this mode is high, but it can also be controlled directly on the chart using the control buttons. When this mode is selected, it automatically activates the risk control module (setting Stop Loss at the channel boundaries of the price chart of the higher timeframes) and the smart deposit protection module, which looks for the ideal position for closing deals with minimal losses. There are also many functions for customizing the trade, for example: moving the profit to breakeven, partial or full locking and auto-locking of positions. The detailed description of all the features of the Expert Advisor are provided in the documentation.

  • The Safe mode is based on conservative trading with Stop Loss and Take profit set. This mode is suitable for those need a calm and safe trading. The main idea lies in market entries at specific time intervals, adaptive maintenance of orders and the most suitable market exit. All the settings are already built into the EA. Users only need to select the traded lot size and currency pair for the EA to work on from the drop-down list. In total, 8 pairs are suitable for trading.

  • The News mode works exclusively during the news. It is suitable for those who are used to trade or only start getting acquainted with strong news movements. One convenient feature in this mode worth mentioning is that the robot automatically download the upcoming high-impact news from the Internet and trades them using pending orders. This mode uses Trailing stop and a fixed Stop Loss. After the news release is over, the EA automatically deletes the remaining untriggered orders and continues to work in the normal mode, waiting for the next news movement.

All modes can work both separately and together, without interfering with each other, since they have different trade identifiers. They can also be toggled on and off right from the chart window, even during testing in visual mode. This way you will be able to work out your strategy.

The graphical interface allows adding or hiding the most useful information about the trade, as well as run a price forecast and a convenient control panel in the form of buttons with various useful functions - opening, closing and maintaining trades.

Training of the weight coefficient for the HeLL_Cat mode was performed on the EURUSD M30 currency pair starting from 2009. Although this mode is considered moderately aggressive, it fully shows a stable result in the long run. The training settings for other currency pairs will be published in the comments over time.

Pairs and timeframes

  • In the HeLL_Cat mode, with the standard settings: EURUSD, AUDUSD, Timeframe - preferably M30.
  • In the News mode, it is recommended to select currency pairs with low spread: EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURGBP, AUDUSD, USDCAD (crosses are not suitable), Timeframe - any.

Recommended balance and account type

Minimum recommended balance:

  • For the HeLL_Cat mode, using the recommended pairs and timeframes with the initial lot of 0.01 - $1000.
  • For the Safe mode, using the recommended pairs and timeframes with the initial lot of 0.05 - $1000.
  • For the News mode, using the recommended pairs and timeframes with the initial lot of 0.05 - $1000.

Mandatory account requirements: five-digit quotes, and a minimum lot size of 0.01 for the HeLL_Cat mode.


The full description of settings and features can be found in the documentation below.

drbong99 2018.01.20 07:10 

2018.10.19 update review.

trading system is SoSo.

but the future prediction in Graffic mode is pretty helpful when I trade manually.

Pavel Bobrovskiy
Pavel Bobrovskiy 2018.01.18 20:51 

очень рискованно. огромные просадки. мартингейл. есть более интересные способы потратить свои деньги, чем отдать их просто так. я считаю, что просто подарил деньги , немалые деньги за продукт, которых полно в бесплатном доступе. я купился на положительные отзывы, которые даны с непонятных аккаунтов скорее всего отзывы платные. не совершайте моей ошибки, не отдавайте свои деньги!!!

Alexander Golovatiy
Alexander Golovatiy 2017.12.27 13:46 

Гениальный инструмент. Впрочем, как и сам автор.

Versión 1.4 2017.12.12
1) Fixed GMT detection error.
2) Added automatic GMT detection.
3) The model of the neural network in the HeLL Cat mode has been modified.
4) Fixed error of the StopTradeOnNews module.
Versión 1.3 2017.10.26
1) Revised the mechanism of entry and order management.
2) Changed the operation time.
3) Improved the HeLL Cat mode.
4) Added auto lot based on balance in the News mode.
Versión 1.2 2017.09.14
Improved orders opening and managing.
Versión 1.1 2017.09.12
Revised the module for force-closing unprofitable orders.