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ISO Trend Line Pending

ISO Trend Line Pending Expert is a unique professional tool which can turn any selected Trend Line, Support Line and Resistance Line on your chart into a pending order line or Alert line with different trigger methods.

With various order types including Price Touch, Price Break Out and Candle Close Break Out.

The Order History feature will let you to have a quick access to all other charts which an order has been executed.

It’s truly designed to help traders easily trade and manage many charts and symbols without staring at the screen.


  • Pending Order types: Candle Close Break Out, Price Touch, Price Break Out;
  • Easy Order's Lot, Stop loss and Take profit adjustment.
  • Virtual and Real Stop loss and Take profit.
  • Auto Stop loss, Take profit and Lot size correctness check.
  • One click for converting any drawn line into a Pending line or Alert Line (Trend line, Horizontal line and Trend Line By Angle);
  • Alerts History able to re-open closed charts or re-draw deleted Lines, for instant review;
  • Pending Line with expiration time if not triggered.
  • Auto convert low angle trend line into a leveled support and resistance line.
  • Auto line's color, description, style and width set;
  • Blinking line when a line was hit by price (till user clicks on the chart to turn it off);
  • Auto chart bring to top when a line was hit;
  • Continually sound alert (till user click it off);
  • Single sound alert with message box pop up;
  • Mobile notification;
  • Email notification;
  • On chart controlling console;
  • Auto Hide control panel;
  • Chart clipper button (brings all other charts with the same symbol name to the top of other charts only for tiled charts).


  • Candle Close Break out Pending will be triggered only if a candle with the same time frame as Pending line activated, closed above or below the line.
  • Example: If a Pending line description shows (Daily Support Break out Alert). So in this case if a daily candle closed below the line then a sell order will be executed.


  • Default stop loss size, if no stop loss price is specified for the pending line
  • Default take profit size, if no take profit price is specified for the pending line
  • Price Deviation to Alert (Pips)): Price deviation from the pending line to open the order
  • Max spread to trade
  • Trigger Buy pending orders with (Bid or Ask)
  • Virtual or Actual Stop loss and Take profit
  • Sell Color
  • Buy Color
  • Blinking Alert Line Color
  • Change Color After Alert Muted to
  • Pending Line style
  • Pending Line width
  • Auto Hide Pending lines on higher time frames.
  • Auto Level Low Angle Trend Lines
  • Max Angle to Level Trend Lines (Degrees): If trend line’s angle is less than this parameter it will be leveled automatically
  • Auto Switch Time Frame: Switch time frame if alert was triggered in different time frame
  • Auto Chart Bring to Top: Chart bring to the top when alert was triggered
  • Clip Same Symbol Charts Together: Bring to the top other charts with same symbol name(Charts with same symbol name need to be tiled)
  • Continually Sound Alert Speed (Milliseconds): Decrease number for faster speed
  • Auto Hide Menu: Auto hide menu when no line is selected.
  • Show Menu Only if a Line was Clicked: To disable/enable mouse pointer show/hide menu
  • Show Pending short description always
  • Show full description next to the line, while a line is selected

Expert is designed fully customize able to meet all your requirements, you can turn Off or On any options of your choice;
Unfortunately, the expert can't be tested in the Strategy Tester properly as its using MetaTrader tool bars and time frame switching.


ISOForex, Developing MetaTrader trading tools and indicators for over 7 years. Your feedback will encourage and guides us to improve the product in the future updates.

Cenk CAKIRAL 2018.01.17 15:35 

it is a great ea. it will be a perfect ea if tp2,parital close and breakeven futures are added.

Versión 1.6 2017.10.24
Warning added while running the product as a demo on tester.