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Fenrir is a fully automated quantitative swing trend follower EA. It trades Forex pairs using an adaptive market neutral multi-strategy neural network. It is scalable, and can manage SL and TP for orders opened by concurrent EAs on the same product (so called wolfpack mode), so that the user can add third party logic.

The multi strategy structure reserves all magic numbers in the range of x666xxx, and can manage order injection from other EAs. To work in wolfpack mode, just set any other EA to use a magic number in the 666xxx range while working on the same pair of Fenrir: orders without Take Profit or Stop Loss will be aggregated in clusters and chains, with a new common strategy.

This system doesn't use Martingale logic. Money management is dynamically determined on the basis of real time results. Signals are deduced from embedded custom complex non-linear indicators, mainly founded on hyper buy/sell, Fibonacci, vortex, pattern recognition and order balancing.

Timeframe is forced to M15 and cannot be changed.

The EA can be attached to different pairs at different graphs at the same time, managing each pair per se.


  • VPS ready - Set & forget on local or remote server.
  • Account leverage control - Excessive account leverage is automatically mitigated, incrementing capital protection.
  • Broker margin updates - Broker margin changes in contracts are automatically checked.
  • Spread protection - Variable spread is considered in lot sizing and capital protection.
  • Progressive account protection - An internal mechanism helps in gradually reducing the account exposure.
  • Adaptive strategy - Contingency order geometry is reshaped up to lot saturation.
  • Lot sizing - Absolute lower and upper lot size are determined by the account profile.
  • Multiple stop parameters - Stop Loss can be shaped in different ways (amount, pips, contingency weighted, fair price deviation, trailing stop).
  • Wolfpack mode - Coordinate orders coming from other EAs.
  • Graphic interface showing - Zero-profit line, margin call line, Fibonacci levels, advanced telemetry console.
  • Telemetry console - It shows statistics on the account, prices, contingency order, exposure protection, in order for the investor to check the account current status and capital availability. Console background changes its color (safe, risky, unstable) depending on market conditions compared to the investor preferences.


  • Max invested capital % - Percentage of equity used in active trading.
  • Trimmer for max lot size - Arbitrary multiplier that set up lot sizing calculation.
  • DD% loss threshold [%] - If account losses exceed this threshold, a Worst Order First Out sequence is started. It acts like a customized margin call.
  • Max fair price deviation [pips] - When fair price for the traded pair is hugely modified by external factors, the bot close loosing orders because no retracement is expected to occur.
  • Max applied Stop Loss [pips] - Worst case safety SL for an order. Can be automatically reduced for safety reasons.
  • Main order start time @ [hhmm] - Main trading time start hour.
  • Main order stop time @ [hhmm] - Main trading time stop hour.
  • Take Profit [account currency] - Take Profit (in base currency, not pips). Zero for automatic.
  • Stop Loss [account currency] - Stop Loss (in base currency, not pips). Zero for automatic.
  • Trailing Stop [account currency] - Trailing Stop (in base currency, not pips). Zero for automatic.


  • Hedge option is mandatory.
  • Low spread accounts give better results.
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