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Geo Fractals

This is professional fractals indicator able to work "on several screens" while on a single chart.

The product has been developed for scalpers and those relying on "accurate" entries.

The indicator shows fractals from six timeframes and displays the distance between the price and a new emerging fractal on lower timeframes showing the price behavior more clearly and making its analysis more accurate on reversal points.

The indicator displays fractals from the D1, H4, H1, M15, M5 and M1 timeframes simultaneously.

To select the required timeframes to display use the corresponding parameters of the indicator:
  • ShowD1 = true;
  • ShowH4 = true;
  • ShowH1 = true;
  • ShowM15 = true;
  • ShowM5 = true;
  • ShowM1 = true;

For M1 and M5, the distance from the price (Bid and Ask) is shown in points.

If the fractal is not broken, it is displayed as a dashed line. The tooltips indicate a timeframe a line belongs to.

The broken fractal is displayed as a solid line and accompanied by a text label showing the timeframe the line belongs to.

You are able to detect the fractal line broken by the price or the impossibility of breaking the level and decide on the further price behavior.

Only one parameter is used as an input: whether 1 point should be added (10 pips for five-digit symbols) to display fractal levels.

When displaying upper fractals, the current spread is added as well.


  • ShowD1, ShowH4, ShowH1, ShowM15, ShowM5, ShowM1 = true; - True or False - select the required timeframes to display
  • UseShift - if True, the fractal lines are moved by 1 point (10 pips for five-digit symbols) from the price extreme values. If False, the lines are not moved. I set the parameter to True. This allows me to put stop levels directly behind the fractal lines.
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Versión 1.2 2017.08.15
The new version allows selecting the timeframes to be used and displaying the levels of fractals only from the selected timeframes. To select the timeframes use the parameters listed below:
ShowD1 = true;
ShowH4 = true;
ShowH1 = true;
ShowM15 = true;
ShowM5 = true;
ShowM1 = true;