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Margin Out aud PLUS 100

Indicator of the Margin Call, Stop Out and Plus 100 (one hundred percent of profit to the deposit) levels.

It has been designed to better visualize and maintain money management when trading financial instruments.

The levels drawn by the indicator have different colors. They visualize the price range, at which a broker generates a notification (Margin Call) and force closes the deals (Stop Out) due to the shortage of funds on the account, in case the price goes against the positions opened by a trader.

If the trader makes a correct prediction of the price movement, and the current price moves towards the take profit of the opened positions, the trader will be able to use the indicator to tell where to get a profit equal to one hundred per cent of the deposit.

The Plus 100% level.

Briefly about the leverage concepts

Margin call (margin requirement) is a notification from a broker to deposit additional funds to maintain all opened positions. If no additional funds are received on the account, while the drawdown continues to increase, then once a certain value is reached stop out will be activated, and the Forex broker will force close some or all the deals. In general, the concept of margin call came to Forex from the stock exchange, where before the advent of the Internet most of the deals were performed via the phone. The broker's representative called traders and warned them of the upcoming stop out.

Default inputs of the indicator

  • Color of the (-20%) Stop Out level: - Red;
  • Level thickness: - 2;
  • Level style: - Solid;
  • Color of the (-50%) Margin Call level: - Gold;
  • Level thickness: - 2;
  • Level style: - Solid;
  • Color of the (+100%) Deposit Doubling level: - Green;
  • Level thickness: - 2;
  • Level style: - Solid;

A few tips for traders

  1. Always stick to money management of your trading strategy.
  2. Do not open deals using the entire deposit.
  3. Make sure the Stop Out and Margin Call levels are hidden behind strong technical levels.
  4. If the price moves in your favor, do not be greedy while waiting for the deposit to double.
  5. Take care of the deposit.
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