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Line Crossing Alert

The Expert Advisor notifies that a price has crossed a line on the chart.

It handles two types of lines - horizontal lines and a trendline. The number of lines is unlimited.

It can also notify of changes in the margin level, in the total volume and profit (loss) for a symbol.


  • price mode - price type (bid or ask).
  • timeout - alert timeout.
  • number of repeats - the maximum number of repeated alerts.
  • comment lines - the number of lines in a comment.
  • email - enable sending of Email notifications.
  • notify - enable sending of push notifications to mobile terminals.

Additional parameters:

  • margin level - alert based on the margin level.
  • lots count - alert based on the position volume of the current symbol.
  • profit up - alert based on the profit of position for the current symbol.
  • loss down - alert based on the loss of position for the current symbol.

Hot Keys:

  • Consecutive pressing of Ctrl followed by "1"|"2"|"3" calls a trade report in a separate window:
    • "1" - for the current symbol;
    • "2" - for all symbols;
    • "3" - all but the current one.
  • Ctrl then "I" displays Account Information;
  • Ctrl then "S" displays Symbol Information;
  • Ctrl then "M" shows margin change grid in a separate window;
  • Ctrl then "A" shows and hides the options edit menu.
Andrei 2017.05.14 21:53 


Versión 1.57 2016.12.14
Added the balance change alert to the additional parameters (in %).
Versión 1.53 2015.05.06
Fixed errors.
Versión 1.52 2015.04.17
Added alerting of margin level, position volume, profit and loss.
Parameters are now set in a separate interactive menu.
Added a button for showing/hiding comments, blinking of a broken line.

Added hot keys.

Successive pressing of Ctrl followed by "1"|"2"|"3" opens a trade report in a separate window:
- "1" - for the current symbol,
- "2" - for all symbols,
- "3" - for all but the current symbol.

Ctrl followed by "I" shows Account Information.
Ctrl followed by "S" shows Symbol Information.
Ctrl followed by "M" opens the margin change grid in a separate window.
Ctrl followed by "A" shows and hides the menu of parameters.
Versión 1.11 2014.01.06
Fixed errors.
Versión 1.10 2013.12.04
Extended functionality.