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Greed Master Stochastic 2 Lines

The Greed Master Stochastic 2 Lines indicator uses the Stochastic indicator. And based on the data on intersections with the levels, it plots two High and Low lines according to the rates for the change period of the Stochastic indicator. All parameters are set to default, but they can be adjusted if necessary. Also, the arrows show the High and Low price values for the specified period. If you correctly fill parameters of the account and exchange rate of the currency in the country the indicator is used in against the account currency and select the estimated lot to be used, then the correct information on lot, margin, deviation from the exchange rate in points and its monetary equivalent will appear near the lines.

Indicator Inputs

  • ShowBars - the number of bars for the indicator;
  • Per - the period to display the Highs and Lows with arrows;
  • StKPer - К period of the Stochastic;
  • StDPer - D period of the Stochastic;
  • StSlPer - Slowing period of the Stochastic;
  • StLevelUp - the upper level;
  • StLevelDn - the lower level;
  • Cent - if you use a cent account, set the value to 100. If dollar account, then 1;
  • Exch - exchange rate of the account currency to the currency of the country the indicator is used in;
  • Lot - estimated lot to be used in deals;
  • ColorUP - color of upward direction (clrCyan);
  • ColorDn - color of downward direction (clrOrange);
  • ColorFl - color of flat (clrGray).
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Versión 1.2 2017.10.12
Bug fixes.
Versión 1.1 2016.10.11
Made changes that accelerate the operation of the indicator.