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XMaya Scalp ZR Series

XMaya Scalp ZR Series is a fully automated Expert Advisor designed for Traders. XMaya Scalp ZR Series is a robot trader with multi-currency scalper Expert Advisor. This robot trades on any Time Frame, Can be use on all pairs but not for use on XAU/GOLD. The system is ready-to-use with the setup is simple, with simple optimization on Take Profit, Stop Loss, and Trailing.

User-Defined Variables

  • OrderCmt - used for comments
  • Magic - Magic Number to identify the order's mode for the EA.
  • TargetProfit - static target profit.
  • Stoploss - static stop loss.
  • TrailingStop - distance (in pips) to trail an open position.
  • TrailingStart - to secure the profits
  • MaxSpread - maximum spread allowed at time of trade.
  • Risk - risk setting to be used with dynamic lot sizing.
  • ManualLotsize - if using fixed lots, this will be the lot size.
  • Slippage - For Setting Slippage
  • ReverseSignal - For Setting Reverse Signal
  • MoneyManagement - choose between "true/false" in the drop-down menu. Set to true to enable auto money management. If false, ManualLotsize is used.
  • StartTrade - for a Start Trading
  • EndTrade - Stop Time Trading
  • TriggerSignal- For Setting Trigger Signal open order.
  • TimeTrigger - for Time Trigger (second)

Trading Day

  • Monday = True - set true to activate.
  • Tuesday = True - set true to activate.
  • Wednesday = True - set true to activate.
  • Thursday = True - set true to activate.
  • Friday = True - set true to activate.

Trading Time

  • StartTrade =00:00, for a Start to Trading
  • EndTrade   =23:59, Stop Time Trading

chiamts2003 2018.10.07 15:58   

Don't wasting money on this EA. This EA only show good results on backtest and make big loss when running on real account.

Beware of this scam EA !!

Trader X
Trader X 2018.03.05 22:39 

First let me say that this EA has performed very well for me. In the beginning there was some issue with the EA only short selling, but once i contacted the developer he adjusted the settings and bamm, the money has started to roll in. The trades are very short scalps with low risk. I trade the EA on GU using the M15 time frame and its doing very well. I am very happy with this EA and with the developer support up to this point. Thank you Samsul, you have done a great job with this robot! For parameter settings, check the screenshots that the developer just added. He has a red box around the important parts. Once I adjusted to these settings, I started winning trades. Right now its on demo, but I plan to go live with it shortly

Versión 2.30 2018.11.16
Improved signal generation
Versión 2.20 2017.01.19
- Add Using Indicator Moving Average
- Add Using Indicator RSI
Versión 2.10 2016.05.20
Improved signal generation