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I have this "older" supply/demand indicator. I need the current alert system that it has to be removed and "re-designed".

I would need the following options in the inputs:

-Alerts= true/false

-PopUp= true/false

-Push Notifications= true/false

-Sound= true/false

-Include Weak Retouch =true/false

In general if the alerts are enabled the indicator will trigger an alert on the open bar once price retouches a yellow/golden (fresh area).

If include weak retouch is enabled it will also trigger an additional alert on zones that already have been touched (brownish zones.)

See the attached image for the different zones.

The alert should trigger on open candle but only once per bar.

-For fresh zones the alert should state for example: GBPUSD H1 FreshZone Retouch

-For weak retouch: GBPUSD H1 Weak Retouch

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