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CAP Zone Recovery EA

CAP Zone Recovery EA is your tool to turn losing trades into winning trades by using a smart "back-and-forth" hedging mechanism. The secret behind this amazing EA is a famous trading algorithm known as "Zone recovery algorithm" or "The Surefire Forex Hedging Strategy".

CAP Zone Recovery EA is extremely easy to use. You just open a trade in a trending market - no matter which direction. You just enter a Take Profit level, no Stop Loss! Again: You will never again hit the Stop Loss! Instead, this EA uses a smart hedging technology. In case the market moves in the unfavorable direction, the Zone Recovery Algorithm starts hedging your trade by placing an opposite order, but with multiple lot size. If market should turn again, the same procedure starts again. The result is a "trading channel" with an upper TP and a lower TP and an alternating series of buy and sell trades at specific levels and with different lot sizes within this channel. Once one of the TP levels is hit - and we all know it is absolutely sure that either the higher TP or the lower TP is reached - all open trades will close with a combined profit.

Please Note: This version is now obsolete. Not recommended to buy this version. Please buy our new same product with number of significant additions below.

MT4 Version here | MT5 version here

Existing clients are recommended to update their product to PRO version.

Input Parameters


  • Hedge Order Type: Order type for hedge order. You can select Pending order or Instant Order.
  • Magic: A unique identification code to be used for all trades opened by this robot.
  • TP_Type: Select your TakeProfit Type:
    1. Fix Distance (In Points): Takeprofit always fix distance from latest trade
    2. Auto (In Points): Takeprofit are average.
    3. Currency (In Dollor): Takeprofit in currency.
  • TakeProfit_1 (Points/Currency): Value of TakeProfit. When you select TP_Type- Fix Distance or Auto, this value considers as points but when your TP_Type- Currency then this value consider as currency.
  • TakeProfit_2 (Points/Currency) For Hedge: This is additional TakeProfit value, only work when your trade in hedge. If Zero EA will fellow above takeprofit_1.
  • RecoveryGAP: Distance for Recovery level in points (away from the initial trade, level where the hedge trades will be opened for recovering loss).
  • MaxHedgeOrder: Max. number of trades to be opened using the Zone Recovery Algorithm.
  • LotType: Lots Type for hedge order
    1. Multiple: Lots size will be multiple from previous order.
    2. Custom: Lots size will be custom, define by user.
    3. AddLots: Lots size will be add.
  • MultipleLots: Multiple lot sizing (compared to last opened trade).
  • AddLots: Value of Add Lots. Example : EA want to open a sell hedge order then lots calculation will be ( Total Buys Lots - Total Sell Lots = Result Lots+Add Lots).
  • CustomLots: Set Custom lots size for every hedge trade. Lots size will be separate by “;”.


  • Initial Trade Type: Decide you first initial trade type-
    1. External Manual Trade: Initial trade gets open by manual. Open the trade (Buy/Sell/Pending Order) manually directly through the MT4 or MT4 mobile.
    2. External EA Trade: Initial trade gets open by another EA. Ensure that both EAs are using the same Magic Number.
    3. Auto Trading: EA open initial trade by full automatic base on internal trading strategy.
    4. Custom PlugIn: EA open initial trade base on custom plugin. If anyone want own custom trading logic for initial trade, then they can develop PlugIn for this EA.
    5. Instant Order: EA Open initial trade by instant (BUY/SELL/PENDING ORDER). In case you want to place more than one manual trades on the same instrument you can place trade with this method.
    6. Trade Panel: You can open initial trade by mini trade panel.
  • Auto Trading: Select your auto trading strategy.
  • Instant Trade Type: Select your Instant trade type.
  • Continuous Trade: if TRUE, Continuous open initial trade after close any trade. (only work when Initial trade type-Instant Order).
  • Reverse Signals: if TRUE, reverse all signal for Strategy_1 or Strategy_2. (only work when Initial trade type-Auto Trading).


  • Loss Traking Policy: Select any of loss taking policy-
    1. NONE: Ea will not close any trade by loss.
    2. Place Stoploss When MaxHedgeOrder Reach: if True. EA set fix StopLoss if MaxHedgeOrder trade reach. Example you set MaxHedgeOrder=8. If total trade 8 then EA will not open any hedge trade. So EA set StopLoss from opposite trade.
  • SetSLForError: If any error and EA unable to open hedge that EA set StopLoss from opposite trade.
  • StopLoss: Stoploss in GAP (points).

TRAILING MANAGEMENT – Trailing only work, when there no hedge trade active. only for initial trade. BREAK EVENT MANAGEMENT –Break Event only work, when there no hedge trade active. only for initial trade. BASIC CONFIGURATIONS

  • EmailAlert: Send Email when EA open any trade.
  • TradeComment: Comment associated with this robot.
  • UseNoMagicNumber: If True, EA not consider any magic number, only consider symbol only.
  • GlobalMaxTrade: Maximum open trade all pair. 0-mean disable.

STRATEGY_1 (BOLLINGER BAND SETTING) – Setup your bollinger band setting. If price touch upper band then open buy or touch lower band open sell order.

STRATEGY_2 (MA SETTING) – Setup your Moving average setting. If first moving line cross slow line from low to up = Buy order. Opposite signal is sell order.

2017.07.31 03:32 


Markus Fettelschoss
2017.01.02 17:06 

Very good EA and fast feedback from Mohammad.

2016.10.29 02:06 

it is a good expert for zone recovery users

but you should be careful and you must know what it the hedging or the recovery zone

You should first read about zone recovery or you will lose your account

2016.10.10 04:07 

Hi Mohammad, I am currently renting this EA and I'm quite impressed with its thoroughness and features. I would love to be able to do some serious backtesting on the MT5 platform. Is there any chance you have this version in MT5 or are planning to create one for MT5 soon?

2016.07.11 22:48 

Make sure you have plenty of money in your account if you use this EA.

It broke my account

I would advise to use with extreme caution

Mike Geesing
2016.04.21 16:50 


2016.03.22 16:04 

Well worked system with best price on market..! Brings neverendings profits to your system. (y) Its absolutely worth a price.

2015.10.30 00:35 

continuously make profit, good support, bugs fix immediately,the latest update make the EA much better, all the best for developer!

Version 4.10 - 2016.12.22
- Upon client request, added 'Equity Guardian' section again.
- Corrected some spelling mistakes on Display Info.
Version 4.0 - 2016.12.02
-Improvement Some Coding. Nothing change any visual function of EA.
-Add 'Initial Trade Type' information on chart info panel

Added/Updated the properties List:
- Initial Trade Type: Change initial trade type setting. We separate Auto Trading and Instant trade type.
- Auto Trading: Select Auto Trade Type.
- Instant Trade Type: Select Instant Trade Type
- PendingOrderPrice: When your Initial Trade Type Pending order then set Pending Order Price here.

We updated product's description. Please see latest description.

- Don't update your product, if you have exiting trade.
- We may change default setting every update. So check your setting before using latest version.

Version 3.0 - 2016.08.11
Major Update:
- Add new properties
- Delete some properties
- Change name some properties

Added/Updated the properties List:
- Hedge Order Type: Select your hedge order type. Previous version only manage hedge order by pending order. New can manage hedge order by Instant Order.
- Initial Trade Type: Change name AutoTradeType to Initial Trade Type.

Delete the properties:
- ShowTradePanel: Deleted. New version doesn't have any trade panel. Use default platform trade panel.

Note : We update our product description. So you can check new description.
Caution : Don't update you product when you have existing trade.
Version 2.0 - 2016.04.22
Bug fixed :
- There was a problem in 'ManualTradeType' didn't work perfectly. Fixed the this version.

New Function Added :
- New Property 'ActiveOnlyWhenHedge' in Equity Guardian section. When it is true then Equity Guardian only work when hedge trade in active.
Version 1.30 - 2015.11.06
Minor bug fixed :
- There was a problem in 'MaxOrders'. Fixed the this version.
- Fixed some bugs in Trade Panel.

New Function Added :
- New Property 'TakeProfit for Hedge and StopLoss for Hedge' : If value set, TakeProfit or StopLoss set with this value after Zone Recovery Active. Example You set TakeProft-300 and TakeProfit for Hedge-200, that mean when only initial trade then TakeProfit will be 300 but if pending order active then whole trade take profit will be 200.

- GlobalMaxTrade: Set MaxTrade All pair opened trade. example: You use Zone Recovery EA 8 pair and your Set GlobalMaxTrade=3. Then EA only open 3 trade at a time. But you have to set same value all EA.

- CloseAllForError : If true, Close all trade if pending order not active. example, if price gap and pending stop not open then close all cycle trade.

improvements :

- if Pending order not open for not enough money then automatic set stoploss for current cycle.
Version 1.20 - 2015.10.28
Added the new properties:
- MaxProfit and MaxLoss: set maximum profit or loss. If maximum profit or loss is reached, close all trades.
- MaxProfitandLossType: type of maximum profit or loss - USD or a balance percentage.

Added the two new strategies in AutoTradeType:
- MA Cross: open an initial trade based on two MAs crossing.
- Custom Plugin: add custom logic for initial trade.

Added the new Close All button in the trade panel.
Version 1.10 - 2015.10.02
1. Rearrange Some Property.
2. Add New Property: Details on official website.
3. New strategy add for initial trade base on Bollinger indicator.
4. Trade time add for initial trade.
5. Add StopLoss: Stoploss only work when MaxOrders reached.