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Question on Copy EA & a lot of virtual hosting

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Yojimboshi 2016.01.30 09:05 

I am currently facing a problem on letting my subscriber copy my EA and I am also taking care of their account.

I developed an EA on an account to run on virtual hosting (3 months subscription for 28USD). The EA will automatically calculate the lot traded based on account balance.
So my problem is now is how to handle my investors' account.

Lets say I have 20 investors account.
1. If I am going to run EA on every one of them, and register virtual hosting for everyone of them. That would cost a lot of virtual hosting fee (10 usd per month x 20)
2. Any updates on my EA, i will have to login to every one of them and resync. seems like a lot of trouble.

Anyway to have all this account running and just follow my master account on less cost and also less trouble on update?

Carl Schreiber
Carl Schreiber 2016.01.30 09:32  

1) Look for a broker with PAMM accounts?


  1. Install for every account a MT4
  2. I am using Link Sys so that all terminals access the same expert folder (change one EA and restart all)
  3. This way the lot size is calc. correctly for each account.
  4. One bigger vps for all.
Link Shell Extension
Version Complete support for UNC path in any Smart Move/Copy/Clone & Delorean Operation. Lots of little fixes/improvements, I always wanted to do, but never had the time to. Version Files with a size beeing a multiple of 16777216 were copied properly, but in the logfile generated an error message even if there was none...
Yojimboshi 2016.01.30 13:14  
Hi, thanks for your reply.
So my issues are:
-EA updates.
-mass virtual hosting.
-EA trading based on acc balance.

So, either PAMM account  or Link Sys will solve all my issues above. Do I have to use both?

Btw, the Link Sys, you mentioned, does that mean I will need to have 20 terminals (clients ) + 1  in my computer?
restart all would require me to resync them with virtual hosting right?
Stuart Browne
Stuart Browne 2016.01.31 01:56  
Just use PAMM accounts and be done with it. That's exactly what they are for.
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