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Expert Advisors: EA_MARSI

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The Expert Advisor is based on EMA_RSI_VA indicator.

Buy signal: upward crossover of the fast line, sell signal: downward crossover of the fast line.

The EA has lot increasing option, which depends on the deposit/max.drawdown ratio.

Author: Im hungry

$600 000 with $10 000 initial deposit, lot=1.0.

Lot increasing option is enabled


It`s not working for me - when i try to insert it in the chart system does not apply it?
What are those 3 .set files? How can I watch them / where should I coppy them?




Please could someone advise, I have been running this EA in test and it has had great results in MT5 Strategy Tester. When I ran it on a LIVE account the 1st trade opened but no Stop Loss or Take Profit prices where entered when position opened. I think the EA tried to modify this but could not. Has anybody else experienced this, as I can  not continue running the EA without Stop Loss or Take Profit targets in place as it would be too risky and I would have to manually watch all trade executed by the EA. I look forward to anybodys relpys. 



 The EA doesn't run. I have tried to load the indicator and the EA but they didn't work.

Why could it be?

Thanks in advance... 

Paul Gheno
Paul Gheno  




First of all, please forgive my english ! I'm not english and not fluent anymore ...

Then, my advice is the next one :

1/ On your desktop, create a folder ("Marsi-ea" i.e).

2/ Download all the files on it, that means the indicator, the ea, the set.

3/ Unzip the set archive

4/ Open your MT5 platform

5/ Press F4 in order to open the MetaQuotes Langage Editor.

6/ Drag and Drop the indicator on the main frame (basically the gray area in the middle)

7/ Press "Compile" or F7.

8/ Repeat 6 & 7 for the EA 


At this point, the EA and the indicator should be compiled and loaded on MT5 but sometimes the compile process seems to freeze. So there is an other way ...

1/ Open your "Marsi-ea" folder, you should see two kind of files now : 2 MQL5 Souce Files and 2 MQL5 Program (that's the compiled source file)

2/ Open your MT5 platform

3/ Press Ctrl+N to open the navigation view

4/ Just Drag and Drop the 2 MQL5 Compiled program on the navigation view

5/ That's it, you can use the EA by draging in to your market chart. 


So far so good ?

What about the sets ?


Each EA have their own settings like lots, SL, TP, indicators min and max values, ...

I'm Hungry provides us the sets he used to "drew" the 3 graphs above. So he provides us a way to set and manage the EA.

U can use this set (or create your own) in 2 ways. Import the sets in bactester or in live chart. 



1/ Press Ctrl+R, ths strategy tester pop-up

2/ Click on the "inputs" tab

3/ Right-Click on the frame anyway you want, a context menu should appear.

4/ Click load, a "Open" window comes

5/ Earlier on Step 3 we have unzip the archive, pick one the set on it and click "open" 

6/ The set is load ! 


As u can see on the previous context menu you are allowed to load but save as well your own set. So if you find the perfect set, save it, rename it as you wish and use it !



1/  Press Ctrl+N to open the navigation view

2/ Locate EA_MARSI_1-01

3/ Right click on it and "Attach to Chart" 

4/ A pop-up window appear with two tabs.

5/ Select the "Inputs" tab

6/ Click "Load"

7/ and repeat step 5 & 6 of the backtest routine. 


Hope you enjoyed ! 




 your EA is very good but like any EA, optimization gives very good result.

Of that EA is used outside of a non-optimized time, EA has worse result.

Can you integrate a continuous optimization in EA?


 This will allow it to have an indicator to date compared to the market price.

Is it possible ?


Thank you for return 

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