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signal copy from standard acc to macro acc

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prince271180 2015.11.13 06:32 

signal provider acc : standard

lot size: 0.01

balance : $330

leverage: 1:500

subscriber acc: macro

balance: $265

leverage: 1:200

what will be lot size = ???

as per i know for standard acc lot size 0.01 lot means 1 pip =10 cents where in macro acc 0.01 means 1 pip =1 cent

so if standard acc lot size is 0.01 what will be my lot size for macro acc if i used 95% of deposit?

Stuart Browne
Stuart Browne 2015.11.13 09:26  

The lot size should be the same no matter what type of account it is. (By "macro" I'm assuming you mean a cent account?). It's just that your profit/loss will be 100 times different. 

What will make a big difference is the difference in your balances and the large difference in your leverage. See here for more information

prince271180 2015.11.13 10:29  

first thanks for reply

yes i mean my acc is cent account.

i m thinking abt this signal <link removed by mod>

he is always using 0.01 and with small profit and loss stop order, so if i subscribe that signal and if my lot size also 0.01 (less not possible than 0.01) if his profit is $1 my profit 10 cents only....if that so i cannot manage/profit >$20 which i need to pay him in whole month with 0.01 lot size in my cents acc.

any solution for that or can i set fixed lot size?

can i use this signal in demo acc so that i can see his entry and TP, SL setting from demo acc?

Stuart Browne
Stuart Browne 2015.11.13 10:48  
No worries Prince

Firstly, I had to remove your link to the signal as it's not allowed to link to paid products in the forum sorry.

If the provider is always using 0.01 lots then unless you have more money and leverage than him, your lot size will always be 0.01. There is no way around this, that's how the system works. You can't define a lot size, it works on percentages and as you rightly point out, you would be copying minimum lot size so 0.01.

And you're kind of correct on the profit calculation too but it's actually worse than that. If he makes $1, you make $1/100 = 1 cent. It makes it next to impossible to subscribe to a signal with a cent account as you won't cover the subscription cost.

And no, you can't use a demo account either. Paid signals can only connect to real accounts, free signals can only connect to demo accounts.
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