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Confusion about (past) timezone in MT5 charts

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Mihai Ionescu
Mihai Ionescu 2015.10.11 15:16 

I bumped into this, when I wanted to find the exact time of the EURUSD's low, 7 jun 2010, 3:00 (currently displayed time on 1H chart)


Some facts first:

0. I live in GMT+2 timezone. I am talking about demo server. 

1. in the past, MT5 displayed times in GMT+1

2. now, since I don't know when, MT5 displays times in my personal timezone, GMT+2, which is nice btw.

3. I don't know when the transition happened exactly from point 1 to point 2, from GMT+1 to GMT+2

4. I don't know if all times in the chart were changed when the transition happened from GMT+1 to GMT+2


Ok, so I grabbed some historical prices, 1 minute data, from dukascopy, histdata, and gaincapital.

All 3 sources suggest the low happened at 1:58 GMT, 7 june 2010 => 3:58 GMT+1 => 4:58 GMT+2

MT5 displays 3:00 in hourly = 3:58 => MT5 displays GMT+1 for 2010 (point 1, old style)

But for 2015 it displays GMT+2.


What is happening here? Because it doesnt feel right at all.

Can anyone bring more light into this? 


Mihai Ionescu
Mihai Ionescu 2016.09.03 19:46  

clarification about point 4: when the change in timezone happened, no adjustments were done to past datetimes, that's for sure.

I still don't know the exact day when timezone change happened.  

Mihai Ionescu
Mihai Ionescu 2016.10.22 13:03  

After quite some time, spent on searching this mysterious date (kind of disappointed with mql5 devs, for their unwillingness to post this fact, for such long time)

It seems it's 24 november 2014

Since, 24 nov 2014, default timezone moved
from Europe/Berlin (gmt+1) 
to Europe/Bucharest (gmt+2) 

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