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Can't use market depth in EA anymore

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arcull 2015.08.19 21:49 

Hi there,

for quite a while I was using market depth info in my EA on a demo account. Suddenly (maybe an update of MT5 platform) I can't anymore, unless it's window is manually opened in the MT5. The code to get the market depth goes like

MqlBookInfo priceArray[];
bool getBook=MarketBookGet(Symbol(),priceArray);

if(getBook) {

  // here goes the code to process it

} else {

  // now always going here


Do you have any idea why is this so? How could I solve it? I don't want to open that MD window always, just for my EA to work. Much thanks.

Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2015.08.19 22:16  

Please read the documentation of MarketBookGet().


The Depth of Market must be pre-opened by the MarketBookAdd() function.

arcull 2015.08.19 22:32  
Yes you're right, don't know how it worked till now ;), thanks
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