Metaquotes demo account - EURUSD disabled


Hi everyone,

I have a few Metaquotes demo accounts, and I noticed this morning that EURUSD trading is disabled on all of them and has been for at least 6 hours now.  Does this happen frequently with Metaquotes demo accounts?  Is there a support contact that can re-enable?  I'm using one of these with a Telegram copier to feed other accounts, so while not a huge deal, it did cause a missed trade.  Thanks!

MetaQuotes demo account is mainly used to test beta builds of Metatrader and to update Metatrader to new build.
As to trading so it is recommended to open demo accounts with the brokers (MetaQuotes is not a broker):

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Alain Verleyen, 2017.12.02 15:41

You are right. Though Metaquotes itself is confusing people with their "demo" account which is only available to get free beta testers. 

To everyone : Metaquotes is NOT a broker, don't use it unless you know what you are doing. Use a demo account with a real broker, there are plenty.