How to get Profit of the Closed Position by its ticket?


I can't get Profit of the closed position, cause the ticket of closed order is different, how can I get it only knowing ticket of the position while opening?

P.S. On mql5


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fxsaber, 2022.06.14 07:32

#property script_show_inputs

#include <MT4Orders.mqh> //

input long inTicket = 0; // Position Ticket

#define PRINT(A) Print(#A + " = " + (string)(A))

void OnStart()
  if (OrderSelect(inTicket, SELECT_BY_TICKET))
fxsaber #:
sorry I meant for mql5
Dreamcatcher_579 Lvl_126 #:
sorry I meant for mql5

This is MQL5.

Dreamcatcher_579 Lvl_126 #: sorry I meant for mql5
fxsaber #: This is MQL5.

The code provided by @fxsaber is using his MT4Orders library which provides a MQL4 like functionality in MQL5.

Using only pure MQL5 code is more complicated. So I suggest reading the following:

Also read the following article ...


Orders, Positions and Deals in MetaTrader 5

MetaQuotes, 2011.02.01 16:13

Creating a robust trading robot cannot be done without an understanding of the mechanisms of the MetaTrader 5 trading system. The client terminal receives the information about the positions, orders, and deals from the trading server. To handle this data properly using the MQL5, it's necessary to have a good understanding of the interaction between the MQL5-program and the client terminal.
Print Closed Position
Print Closed Position
Print info about a closed position by its position ticket or identifier.
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