MetaTrader 5 Platform update build 3510: Web Terminal improvements


The MetaTrader 5 platform update will be released on Friday, November 18, 2022. The update provides the following changes:

MetaTrader 5 WebTerminal build 3510

  1. In the mobile version we have implemented trading history sorting and filtering by depth. Use the top-panel commands to customize the history display:

    Customizable trading history view in the mobile version

    Operations can be sorted by the main parameters, such as date, ticket, symbol and volume, among others.

  2. Improved access to trading account details.

    • In the desktop version the current account data is clickable. Click on the account to view its details.
    • In the mobile version the current account is displayed under the Settings section. Click on the account to view its details.

    Improved access to trading account data

  3. Fixed display of the account type in the account management window.
  4. Fixed equity and free margin display after refreshing the web terminal page in mobile browsers.
  5. Fixed bottom bar display in Firefox mobile browser.

MetaTrader 5 Client Terminal build 3510

  1. Terminal: Fixed equity and balance graph calculations in the trading report.
  2. MQL5: New behavior of typename(expr). The updated function returns the full type with modifiers and dimensions (for arrays):
    class A
    void OnStart(void)
       const A *const arr[][2][3]={};
    "class A const * const [][2][3]"
  3. Fixed errors reported in crash logs.

The update will be available through the Live Update system.

Fernando Carreiro  
Vinicius Barenho Pereira #: Hello Metaquotes team, can you add IBOV (Bovespa Index) and WINFUT (Mini Bovespa Index WINZ22 currenct contract) to the charts symbols at QUOTES? Congrats about the Quotes project, really good charts 
Those are country (or even broker) specific symbols. I don't believe MetaQuotes would include them, as they give more emphasis to internationally traded symbols.
Chilly Tan  

Hello Meta Quotes team,

Do you have a documentation to place an order through web terminal please?

for example :

would be placing a buy order for the relevant logged in user account, when the ASK reaches 1.11, with the calculated stop loss & take profit?

I've been researching for MT4/5 WEB API to perform this very task, so far i havent been lucky finding any documentation.

Thank you & look forward to your reply.

Guilherme Mendonca  
Please, insert "Magic Number" in Trade and History on the mobile app.