I am disappointed in the FOREX market :.( - page 26

Either you trade on your own or find a good trader and receive 50% of his profitability.
Either you invest in someone else's business (you buy his shares) and get 5% p.a. or, if you are not satisfied with the return, you try to create your own business and aim for 10% p.a.
Sergey Savinkin  
Artem Salonnikov:
Sign up for a good signal and you'll be happy)

So why did you bring this up? )))

Sergey Savinkin:

So why did you bring this up? )))

it looks like he had an active signal at the time, and now a block on the drawdown from 0 to 48%!!!!, that's the trouble)))

Andrey Gladyshev  
Aleksandr Petrunin:
What should I do :.(

You need to find one with the same frustration, but for him to go on and know nothing about you. And do the opposite by looking at him.