Why are the indicators (lines, arrows, histograms) flickering in the MT5 terminal? - page 10

Aleksey Vyazmikin
Алексей Тарабанов:

It was clear to the horse, as Alla Yurievna said. The composter has indicated the cause, albeit indirectly. Flicker occurs when the terminal is overloaded - this is a fact. Overloading occurs for a number of reasons and does not always mean that the computing power of the terminal is exceeded.

I want to note that Renat mentioned using 3D maps for rendering, perhaps there is a conflict in it too.

However, it's hard to guess until the problem is acknowledged by the developers.

Thank-god Avwerosuoghene Odukudu
Eugene Myzrov #:
Now I have watched this indicator for a while when connected to a stockbroker (tool RTS-6.17) and so far I have noticed only one of the two problems indicated. For some time the data in the data window, i.e. labels and values of the two buffers of the AOM indicator disappear.

  Diappearing Buffer

Hello, were you able to figure out the problem, or does anybody knows what might be the cause, thanks.

I should add, it works well when disconnected, but starts acting up with new ticks or when the mouse is moving while new ticks are coming in, not all the time but on some occasions.

It works unlike the normal close, open etc where the values are updated as the mouse is moving, it would disappear (sometimes) when the mouse is moving and update when the mouse stops moving.