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Experts: RoNz Simple Scalper Rapid-Fire Strategy EA

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Do you know that MQL5 can create custom graphical tools?
Automated-Trading 2015.01.19 11:42 

RoNz Simple Scalper Rapid-Fire Strategy EA:

This Expert Advior is based on one of 17 Proven Currency Strategies by Mario Singh.

The Expert Advisor uses MA and Parabolic SAR on M1 Time Frame.

  • Indicator used : MA and Parabolic SAR.
  • Timeframe used : M1
  • Pair : Best with EURUSD
  • Risk/Reward : 15 pips:10 pips

Author: Roni Nafrianto

Muhammad Elbermawi
Muhammad Elbermawi 2015.01.26 20:08  
Which one? and why did you choose it?
Roni Nafrianto
Roni Nafrianto 2015.01.26 20:13  
Which one? and why did you choose it?
Just to implementing the strategy. I'll wrote another EA to implement his strategy. However I couldn't find best setting for this EA.
winsis2015 2015.02.09 02:17  
pagi bos RoNz..salam cuan...mau nanya nih...pakai bahasa indo saja ya, kamu asli mana?...maaf aku masih newbie soal forex...apalagi bikin EA...mau nanya nih...cara injek indikator yg kita dapat dr download atau dr buku dll ke flatform trading kita gmana...aku coba bbrp kali tdk bisa...2 tahun lalu baru blajar forex n dikasih bbrp indikator dr teman, n bisa muncul di MT 4 kita, tapi skrg kok gak bisa lagi...Trims...sory klo mengganggu
winsis2015 2015.02.09 02:31  
aku dah punya bukunya mario singh itu n dah nyoba bebrapa strateginya...untuk yg rapid fire  & piranha masih susah dapat profitnya...akirnya aku gabung & aku tambah dg MA cross (MA 3 close - 6 open) dan pakai M5 atau M15...sementara pakai itu...slain itu aku trading berdasar news (di forexfactory+beritaforex+dailyfx) dg strategi pending order 5 menitan/ngikuti hasil news & ngikuti hasil news 30 menit sampai 1 jam berikutnya...mohon diajari trading yg mudah n profit konsisiten...trims
Alain Verleyen
Alain Verleyen 2015.02.09 19:02  

Please post in English on this forum.

Thank you.

stuuupid 2015.03.11 07:11  

impresive and amazing EA ronz...keep up making a good EA bro

kff 2015.03.11 16:24  

impresive and amazing EA ronz...keep up making a good EA bro

What parameters did you use for the backtest ? Does it run also before that ? How about other pairs ?
stuuupid 2015.03.12 06:15  

i use TF 15 m eurusd, for others pairs still no luck to have the same achievement

for the setting i use only tp, trailing stop n no stoploss 

haven't try the year before 2014 maybe i will try it 

Roni Nafrianto
Roni Nafrianto 2015.03.12 09:03  

impresive and amazing EA ronz...keep up making a good EA bro

Nice parameters. I never found this parameters yet.
darrylh 2015.03.21 13:41  

I'm using MT4, if there's a better place to put this feedback, please advise. (The link I clicked in from MT4 takes me here)

Does not work in Strategy Tester with my broker (OctaFX-Demo (Build 765) which is odd, b/c this worked for Stuuupid), when I attempt to run I get 1 or 2 successful trades, then it stops and the Journal tab is spammed with "OrderSend error 131", which indicates ERR_INVALID_TRADE_VOLUME, or, that the EA is trying to use a volume that is outside the range of my broker.

For my broker:
From MarketInfo()

MODE_LOTSIZE =100000.0

To see your brokers values:

Print(MarketInfo(Symbol(), MODE_LOTSIZE));
Print(MarketInfo(Symbol(), MODE_MINLOT));
Print(MarketInfo(Symbol(), MODE_LOTSTEP));
Print(MarketInfo(Symbol(), MODE_MAXLOT));

If you can make a fix for this issue where it adjusts for the individual brokers lot size restrictions, I would be willing to re-test and re-rate.

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