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Examples: MetaTrader 4 on Mac OS

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MetaQuotes Software Corp.
MetaQuotes Software Corp. 2012.07.02 10:52 

New article MetaTrader 4 on Mac OS has been published:

Apple products have become very popular. MetaQuotes Software Corp. attentively follows the progress of the IT industry and has already released the special mobile applications for iOS-based devices - MetaTrader 4 for iPhone and MetaTrader 5 for iPhone. There are many topics on the forum, where people are seeking a solution for running MetaTrader 4 under the Mac OS operating system. In this article, you will find out how to work in MetaTrader 4 via the Apple's popular operating system.

Author: MetaQuotes Software Corp.

Graham Andrews
Graham Andrews 2012.07.04 20:15  

Thanks for this great article.

I tried this application on the Mac, and opted for another program. I've been using that for other clients, I've created a wrapper and saved it as a zip file for the pepperstone Razor account, but I can make it for some others if any body wants.

I cannot up load it to this site, but I can make a link available if you want.

Running on the Mac is a significant improvment, as apposed to running on a PC or Parallels.

Best Regards


mrmedia 2012.07.08 06:27

Im confused, I saw this download and because i dont have a mac yet cannot determine if this is the same thing.

But it 'appears' that there is a specific version for MAC now.

If so why is this site still recommending the older installation?

Maybe im wrong and they both use wine????

MQL4 Comments
MQL4 Comments 2012.07.19 19:32  

You can also run MetaTrader on Mac OS virtually using VMware Fusion:

P.S. Unlike Wine, VMware Fusion is a fully stable virtualization solution by VMware and it runs Windows and all Windows applications virtually.

(Disclaimer: VMware Fusion(R) is a VMware(R) product. I am not affiliated with VMware or represent them in any way.)
Arif E. Nugroho
Arif E. Nugroho 2012.09.20 23:16  
WHA420355 ZLQ790909 KNN026532 XPO835855
MQL4 Comments
MQL4 Comments 2013.01.06 10:00  

Graham ,

Can you  please make it for

I tried to install it and all went great except when I open the MT4 I can't find the create a demo account nor I am able to log to my account



Point Zero
Point Zero 2013.04.05 08:15  
I want a native version, not virtualized :-)
Charley Hankins
Charley Hankins 2015.08.04 05:15  

I cannot log into my account. It simply does not connect.  

I have tried MT4 and MT5.  

It does not work.

Build an OS X version.   

TomaszSobota 2015.09.08 11:01  
Virtualization is not a solution, it simpy doesn't work properly. I'm using virtualized MT4 on Mac for half a year now and it barely pulls the interface together correctly as the windows version does, it's uncomparably slower than Windows version, and fonts are barely readable. Is there a possiblility that you will release it natively for Mac? 
nvrau 2015.09.25 07:48  
Article needs an update as the version numbers are well & truly behind currently available.
Zlatko3 2015.10.19 23:17  
  • Market is unavailable - as known issue - but why? why do i have to use pc with windows? it makes non sense to me... :/

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